Trump's Black Support Grows 435% in less than Four months from its 4.7% just before the elections:

According to Brietbart News and other GOP internal polling.

Since breaking ranks with President Obama during and after, celebrities (Movie, Sports, Music, Theater, Entertainment, Comedians, Religion are now embracing President Trump in droves. For the sake of time, we will mention just one of them:

STEVE Harvey was amongst the first to rush to Trump Towers in New York to congratulate his intimate friend and "business partner after his "Brilliant electoral performance". He like many other African Americans, have openly declared their support for the controversial President. But as strange as that may seem, since becoming President, Brietbart claims according to their internal polling, hundreds of thousands of African Americans are  now openly declaring, "To tell you the truth, I actually voted for Donald Trump; I couldn't stand that proud Obama guy talk less of the Hillary woman." They have now collectively manifested their desire to not only give the man a chance, but to actually work to make him a very successful President. Interviewed after the heavy boycott and backlash on his hitherto successful TV and Radio shows; Steve Harvey said African Americans must not be seen as a monolithic block. Since cozying up to Trump, his fortunes have dramatically dwindled and he is considered an outcast anywhere he goes with a presence of many African Americans. He even claims that he turned down a "Cabinet position" proposed by Trump. (Probably Trump wanted *~^o^~ cheerSteve Harvey to be FBI or CIA Director?*:)) laughing) In all his shows he struggles to explain himself and begs the meagre audience left to understand his predicament but apparently, it is too late as he was almost heckled by an angry crowd at a wedding ceremony in Pittsburg two weeks ago. When he tried to introduce himself..."Remember me? I am Steve Harvey". Someone retorted: Steve who? You is a Pastor or something? What is ya toking about? Mehnn; fucking get lost Mehnn....Shit.
If "Brietbart News" has any modicum of truth, one may begin to wonder whether this is purely a game of "Real Politik" or simply classified as "We have never understood what we want in life.
The man is undoing (and even insulting in the process contrary to laid down protocols) all regulations President Obama enacted. Imagine the hand Mitch McConnell dealt him in the Senate or the disdain Republicans in general had in having an "African American" in their White House. Any African American who does not or did not understand all the gridlock (even shutting down the government for almost one month (remember Ted Cruz reading from a Constitution Law book for twenty two hours non-stop to filibuster the bill to keep the government funded) in Washington and is now rushing to embrace Trump must have been living in planet Jupiter. I may be wrong though. I honestly don't feel sorry for what is happening to Steve Harvey. It is simply called G R E E D with an avaricious penchant.
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Akata Lucas Jackson & Bamendrous Mishe Lucas were the "Fake Journalists"
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