The jealous housewife can complain all she wants from Monday to Sunday to the FBI, CIA, ICE or where-ever because of the infidelities and over-active "njang-mb..." of her cassanova husband; but the truth is the truth and can never be circumvented because of the incantations of a sex-starved desperado jealous woman. Even as she claims her husband's RN concubine never went to any Nursing school in Cameroon, here are the facts: Anyone who knows the grieving "Wife" can share this with her. She has no case "according to the Law".
NB: I know not the husband nor the wife in this case that is formenting a lot of confusion in our community. I am simply voicing my opinion in a generic but very objective manner.

There is a problem with this story. While I don't condone fraud in any way shape or form, I think we have to be reasonable here. To be able to write the United States Board Examination as a Foreign trained "Registered Nurse"  (RN) you have to provide your school transcripts to CGFNS in Philadelphia who conduct "Due dilligence" investigating the said claims of Licensure from the school you purportly graduated from. After their investigations and "Passing" the TOEFL and CGFNS pre-requisites, you are then reverted to your local BON (Board of Nursing)...where you initially applied to be Licensed/Registered". 

Your local BON; once you are cleared will then authorize you to write the NCLEX via their affiliate called PEARSON VUE. (This is a computerized based, no-shenanigans & WAYO-free type exams. (It simply means, you cannot enter the exam room with "Cartouches" or plan for another person to write the "Nwahne" for you. I am dutifully informed that PEARSON now uses "Fingerprint and Voice recognition technology" on the computer you are assigned to identify the candidate. Any fraudster is immediately arrested and taken to jail pending FBI investigations. Talk of transparency). It is this organization that will issue a specific "CODE to Test" after another series of credentials verifications. Remember, your local BON can deny eligibility if Fraud is detected. The next step is actually "Passing" the exams. If successful in your test (i.e securing at least 80% correct answers, you are issued the coveted RN (Registered Nurse) or its inferior version, the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) Licensure.



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