Dear Comrades,
With all due respect to all opinions I suggest that we say nothing about Biafra in any Southern Cameroons forum because we have nothing to do with it Instead our meddling in it can be quite harmful to us. I wish we all understand this. 
Ngwa Ntonufor

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The article below is culled from another forum and is related to the current loud voices inside Nigeria about a possible re-enactment of the defunct BIAFRA Republic carved out of the present Eastern States. The  populations of this region are mostly of Igbo, Ibibio (Munchi), and Ijaw extraction. They are very hard working, industrious and are "gifted traders". They are equally well represented in academia,  religion and 419. Their villages have virtually morphed into mega cities (at least by African standards). I have been opportuned to visit almost 85% of Eastern Nigeria and I am very impressed at the strides they have made into their development. There are International flights that can take you directly to Enugu, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Uyo, Benin (City) and luxurious buses that can fret you on dual carriage ultra modern Toll roads to other mega cities like
Owerri, Aba, Warri, Abakiliki, Ogoja, Orlu, Nnewi, Awka, Umuahia, Bori-City, Eket, Nsukka, Ikot Ekpeneme, Ikot Abassi, Onitsha, Igwurata, Npkor (junction) and others I cannot remember off my head. In most of their cities, they have even ran out of Land for further construction. It is on this back drop that they are clamoring for a rebirth of their own autonomy under the banner of defunct BIAFRA.
Their Hausa brothers up North are not seeing it that way and are now threatening mayheim if "Igbos try that their nonsense again" (verbatim quote).

The article here below is simply sounding a note of caution on both sides to "Take-am soffrey soffrey" as this may unleash bloodshed of unimaginable proportions. While there is no parallel with what is happening in Southern Cameroons, I thought I should share for your weekend reading and reflection.

No one tribe can go it alone against Hausa/ Fulani's and I hope the Igbo's will understand this. They are master strategists. They are very smart people and master planners. They are in control of all the coercive institutions and instruments of power. Above all, they know how to pick their battles, one at a time and you stop and think. You ask which tribe next, offers the greatest line of least resistance and they move in to conquer them and bring them under their hegemony.

Yes, it is wicked and evil but can't you read the hand writing on the wall? They know where the power of Nigeria lies (Britain and U, S, A,) and their go there to fraternize with them using and mortgaging our resources to favor them and this works well for them. Why not? If you cannot use what you have to get what you want a stranger could use it to displace you and after he succeeds, you have to bow before him or die. Our education and knowledge is useless whether you are Igbo, Yoruba, Benin, Panshi, Tiv, Igala, Benin, Uroboh, Iteskiri, Calabar, Idoma, Ijaw, Gwari, etc.

Chairman Moa Setung the then Chinese President informed us long ago that "power flows from the barrel of the gun."This means that you must be willing to put your life on the pipeline if you want freedom and equality otherwise forget it for power is for the brave and courageous and not for the weak and coward. Like Adam Smith, the nineteen century renowned Economist and the father of International Trade in his book pointed out, "It is not what you know that matters but that which you do with what you know that counts.

If I am to advise the Igbos, I would recommend that they move out in mass from the entire core Northern States where Hausa and Fulani's are  predominant unless other tribes appreciate the effrontery and unwarranted abuse of other Nigerians and join hands to vehemently and drastically oppose the Fulani's and Hausa's, in mass. And demonstrate practical willingness and readiness to lay their lives in defense thereof along with the Igbo's. If they approach, attitude and understanding of it is that it is Igbo's affair and problem alone and not theirs, I further recommend that Igbo's quietly quit and not even venture to put up any resistance but move out from Hausa Fulani controlled states, and move into states close by that want to share lives with them. 
Today it is Igbo's, tomorrow, it will be another tribe (s). Stitch in time saves nine.

Let me end this with a word of advice for the Hausa's and Fulani's, that they should have acted fairly by first giving the Igbo's their Republic of Biafra even if it is restricted to five states so that since by your act you have denounced them as Nigerian citizens, they will have a sovereign state of their own. This is being fair and righteous so that whenever they want to enter Nigeria. They will apply for a visa and if you like you may grant them temporal or permanent residency, vice versa.

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