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Great pix indeed. This is what you get when you have a Government of the people, by the people and for the people. A government which is closer to the people and resembles the people. A government which empathizes with the people and is responsive to the needs and demands of his people. This what government is supposed to mean to the people of Sub-Saharan Africa.
The governments we have in FrancAfrique countries are "House Negro" governments that were put there by the colonial master, for the colonial master and against the people. And that explains why we do not see these outcomes.
Credit to this president of Tanzania for his big heart. What every good government must do is to build affordable modern housing for its people, provide them with clean water, electricity, basic education, basic medical care, safe roads and other basic necessity of daily living. When a government does these things, it actively contributes not just to the well-being of the people, but to their mental emancipation and spiritual illumination.
Let the stooges of "La Republique" know that this is what we are demanding and fighting for: The well-being of all of our people, with equal opportunity, justice and freedom for all. And we can only achieve this by instituting a government which operates at the proximity of the people, a government which is closer to the people, resembles the people and accountable to the people.
This is just common sense. And you don't need to be"professeur agrege" or a graduate form the idiotic Enam to understand this. A great source of inspiration to the problems we face.

Unto us God has given the SUN, and unto us the Universe has given Science and Knowledge through the Minds of our fellow human beings. Just open your eyes so ye may see. Open your ears so ye may hear. Open your Mind so ye may learn and grow.
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·Le président Tanzanien arrête son cortège après avoir vu ce père de famille handicapé dans les rues
Il decide de le prendre en charge lui construire une maison et lui donner une activité lui permettant de nourrir sa famille.
*Mon frère chaque chose a son temps. Dieu le fait quand il veux et cela est definitif.

**Tanzanian President stops his motorcade after seeing this disabled family father in the streets
He decided to take him in charge of building a house and giving him an activity to feed his family.

* my brother everything has his time. God does it whenever he wants and it's final.


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