No "Brasseries du Cameroun" in Ambazonia of course)

Venus, you have a fat head like mine

We almost dream alike

Keep the candle burning till liberation day

With Love

Agien Nyangkwe

On 6/17/17, 'Venus Sourakata' via ambasbay <> wrote:
> Dear Brother Agien Nyangkwe,
> I love the morality behind yourstory. To that, we can add the oxymoronic
> cliche "The enemies of your enemies are NOT always necessarily yourfriend",
> but you can still work with them to achieve the goals thatyou set for
> yourself.
> Having said that,I will be glad to offer you two Kadji Beer. (No "Brasseries
> duCameroun" in Ambazonia of course)
> A great source of inspiration to the problems we
> face.
> Unto us God has given the SUN, and unto us the Universe has given Science
> and Knowledge through the Minds of our fellow human beings. Just open your
> eyes so ye may see. Open your ears so ye may hear. Open your Mind so ye may
> learn and grow.–ANST FraternityOrder--
> "Thereare two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what is not true. The
> other is torefuse to accept what is true." ---Soren Keirgegaard---
> "We can't solve problems by using the same kindof thinking we used when we
> created them." ---Albert Einstein---  "The people deserve the leaders they
> get at anypoint in time of their evolution" –The ANST Fraternity—  "You are
> the change you have been waiting for.You have to deserve and earn change
> before it can be achieved." –The ANSTFraternity—  "The virtuous and
> ingenious Mind will remainrestless and unrelenting in the pursuit of Liberty
> until it achieves the levelof Freedom known to its consciousness" –The ANST
> Fraternity—Powered by the ANST Fraternity Order
> On Saturday, June 17, 2017 10:50 AM, "Nyangkwe Agien Aaron
> [cameroon_politics]"
> <> wrote:
>   Mishe
> Let me re-ask you this question by Thomas Paine: "Are you defending from my
> enemy for my intereste or are you defending me from my enemy for your own
> interest"
> I am just asking because I can stillremeber one man who had a beautifulwife
> died and we saw many men flood at the deceased compound and were all crying
> more thanthe immediate family members.  I later discovered that the mourning
> was aimed at telling the woman how each cares for her and that with the
> "salopard" gone, he was the right person to keep her lady happy. The rest of
> the story, I'll not continue. If some one needs it, just forward me two
> Kadji Beer
> Agien Nyangkwe
> Aaron Agien NYANGKWE
> P.O.Box 5213
> Douala-Cameroon
> On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 2:58 PM, Mishe Fon
> [cameroon_politics] <cameroon_politics@> wrote:
>   I am extremely sorry folks. This mail was not supposed to be sent out
> yet . I forwarded  a copy to my self for "Editing" but mistakenly never knew
> it was going to the general audience. I had not even finished my thought
> process. I wanted to clear the article with some other big names of the
> struggle to get their opinion first. I am sorry about this unfortunate
> mix-up.
> From: 'Mishe Fon' via ambasbay <>
> To: Lucas Fon <>; Mishe Fon <>
> Cc: 'Greig Batey' via ambasbay <>;
> ambazonianationalgroup@yahoogr; " "
> < >; ""
> <>; ""
> <>; "cameroon_politics@yahoogroups .com"
> <cameroon_politics@yahoogroups .com>
> Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 9:51 AM
> Subject: Re: [FREE AMBAZONIANS] Re: [camchicago] Fwd: SCACUF AND THE
> Dear brothers and sisters of SCI am hereby simply "Thinking Aloud" and
> putting what is coming out of that my nkongolibong head into words. I did
> not edit nor did I need to because I was thinking about it all night.We
> Southern Cameroonians have shown to the Yaoundé authorities and the world
> community that we have what it takes to stand our grounds in the face of
> provocation, intimidation, torture and depravity. The Cameroon government
> thought that it was going to be business as usual with a few days of "Strike
> / Manifestation" followed by brutal repression, a few cosmetic decrees later
> to return to normalcy. This time it did not work. We have presented our case
> loud and clear for those who have ears to hear and understand the gravity of
> the situation and to equally comprehend that "Cameroon will NEVER be the
> same again". This brings me to my point.We have not WON the battle (Yet) and
> we have not (God forbid bad things) LOST either. La Republique with all the
> might, Military, Financial Resources and Diplomatic clout has equally not
> been able to SILENCE the desiderata of the people of Southern Cameroons.
> They have not LOST the battle, yet they cannot claim any modicum of victory
> fighting unarmed citizens. All those cosmetic proposals with Bilingualism
> decrees, OHADA conventions and a few transfers here and there of some
> francophones is definitely NOT the appropriate answer to an intractable
> problem like the Southern Cameroons issue. That notwithstanding, I think it
> is time to do some introspection on the way forward. Here are my humble
> suggestions: (Please, if I am wrong, kindly forgive me and don't send me to
> the guillotine).
> 1) GHOST TOWNS: This is a very formidable tool that has almost crippled the
> economy not only of our region but the entire Cameroon. In my opinion, it is
> not a strategy that can be sustained for an indefinite period. Putting an
> end to "Operation Ghost Towns" will not show any sign of surrender but
> re-fuel the empty coffers of our compatriots that are now suffering serious
> Financial hardship that affects their bottom line. SC can always revert back
> to its implementation if the government continues its "Hide & Seek
> periwinkle shenanigans.
> 2) SCHOOLS BOYCOTT: Our children are now officially on vacation and schools
> will be reopened I guess in September or there about. We should lift the
> moratorium on school attendance. Let our children return to school next
> academic year. We have lost one year (no problem). Some will definitely ask
> what we have gained in this full one year of school boycott? My answer: A
> lot; although much is still to be accomplished. It should be clear to all
> and sundry that a "Francophone" teacher will NEVER teach Geography, Physics,
> Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology in Southern Cameroons. That is a fact and
> anyone who ventures against the wishes of our people, will be doing so at
> their own risk. I know I will be asked if the "Teacher's Demands" have all
> been fulfilled? No
> From: "Paolus Mbinglo [FREE_Ambazonians]"
> <FREE_Ambazonians@yahoogroups. com>
> To: FREE_Ambazonians@yahoogroups.c om
> Cc: 'Greig Batey' via ambasbay <>;
> ambazonianationalgroup@yahoogr; free_ambazonians@yahoogroups.c om;
>; cameroon_politics@yahoogroups. com
> Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 8:45 AM
> Subject: [FREE AMBAZONIANS] Re: [camchicago] Fwd: SCACUF AND THE INTERIM
>   Is this cameroon journal (interesting name) a propaganda machine for
> SCACUF?I am getting tired of the "fair and balance" messages they put out
> and claim objectivity. The writing is on the wall.It's time for SCACUF to
> hand over the mission of southern Cameroons independence to an elected IPM
> and her government. We cannot continue to tolerate this charade.I feel like
> we are being scammed by a group of guys with little or no knowledge of where
> they are headed. What is the way forward?Where is the road map?Why the
> sudden call for the appointment of an IPM?What makes SCACUF more capable
> than an elected government?I can understand people's frustration and I am
> clearly one of them. If SCACUF can't decide on something as easy as electing
> an IPM, what makes them think they can take us to a free Ambaland?Time for
> an election is now God bless our struggle Southern Cameroonian Paul
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> On Jun 16, 2017, at 9:15 PM, Martin Ayim [camchicago]
> <> wrote:
> Sent from my iPhone Prof Martin AYIM
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> From: Martin Ayim <>
> Date: June 16, 2017 at 12:47:11 PM CDT
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> <2017-06-16-AUDIO-00000529.m4a >
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> Prof Martin AYIM
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Aaron Agien NYANGKWE
P.O.Box 5213

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