Re: [camnetwork] SOUTHERN CAMEROOONS: UPDATES FROM BAMENDA 06 JUNE 2017: Policeman Shot Dead and Other Stories

You forwarded this "article" as if you are the originator. So you cannot claim that it is "cut and paste" so diafor you cannot be held accountable. These actions if true, are to be condemned in very strong terms by all and sundry. By "forwarding" it, anyone can insinuate that you condone such barbaric acts of violence.

While all of us are free to defend ourselves "en cas d'attaque"; it is totally inadmissible to go around shooting or "killing" people. Don't get me wrong. The government equally should not send its "officers" to terrorize its own citizens especially with "Live" ammunition against unarmed individuals. A civil disobedience or unrest should be handled by addressing squarely the subject of the angst of the said population.

Southern Cameroonians are hurting and majority are very angry at the status quo. Instead of coming to the table honestly to genuinely "Negotiate" a peaceful settlement of the conflict, they instead resort to barbarism and retaliation of another era.

What stops the President Biya of Cameroon from going down to Bamenda or Buea, stay there for about one week or two "until this intractable issue is resolved? Is he too "fear fear" to face squarely the people he is supposed to have been governing for the past 36 years? That is actually part of the problem. The President is so disconnected from realities. Does he for example know where (SOCAREF) Southern Cameroon Refinery (formerly SONARA) is located?

Yet SOCAREF generates almost 36% of Cameroon's GDP. CDC is the second largest employer in Cameroon after government. How many times during his tenure as President has he gone to pay hommage to the hard working people of this agri-based giant based in Tiko, SC.

In all his almost 55 years as Cameroon Chief executive + being Prime Minister, does he know where Nkambe, Bui, Mbengwi, Jakiri, Oku (where his present Prime Minister originates from), Batibo, Wum, Bali, Njinikom. Widikum, Manfe, Ekok, Kumba, Limbe, Ekona, Muyuka, Ekondo-Titi, Mundemba etc? Even in his Francophone Cameroon, can he tell us where he has ever visited?

By the way, how does he "Campaign for reelection as President" if he does not campaign in the hinterland or other major cities? Even the dreaded and out of control Donald "Twitter" Trump with all his buffoonery has been going all over the United States to visit "the people". Honestly, I don't understand how our "Francophone" brothers and sisters don't see anything wrong with a President who barricades himself in his very luxurious enclave dubbed "Palais d'Etoudi".

To tell you the truth, I have never ever seen the President except the images on TV although I have had the priviledge of shaking hands with such dignitaries as President Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Alassane Ouattara, Guillaume Soro, Laurent Gbagbo, Abdoulaye Wade and many more. But if our own President visits here or elsewhere, his "Security" is so tight that we ordinary "lamnda citoyens" never have the opportunity to interact with our own President. This is crazy. Yes, he is President, but he is still a mortal human being like all of us.

There is no reason why I should be able to shake hands with the leader of the world (Mr Obama) and tell him in his face "Well done Mr President" and in 36 years of governance, I have never seen the President of my own country with my koro koro eyes.

Each time President Wade of Senegal visited Washington, his Embassy would organize a "Town Hall style" meeting with "diasporans" not only for Senegalese but all Africans willing to do business with Dakar. He will sit with us for almost four hours answering questions (with no paper in hand or teleprompter SVP), eating the food served with everyone and schmoozing from table to table shaking hands and smiling. Same with Kagame and other progressive leaders from the African continent.

Why is our own President so afraid of his own citizens; organizing his work schedule with a few days in Yaounde and his village Mvomeka and the rest in Europe? If he had travelled by road to condole with the families of victimes of the Train disaster in Pouma (that killed hundreds), he would have seen the shamefully dilapidated state of the so-called "Axe-Loud" Y'de - D'la but equally the disgrace that is our Railway infrastructure.

Even his Ministers who come over here for official business would not even want to meet with their compatriots (except embassy selected mammies probably to "service" their droit de cuissage nocturne).

Panafest is an African Cultural jamboree organized annually (luckily) by ACCDF (a Cameroonian cultural group) in Montgomery County Maryland. Our Cameroon Ambassador in Washington would not even honor an invitation to participate yet we will have representatives from S/Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Liberia, Sudan, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Cape Verde and others grace the occasion with genuine words of praise for the organizers who all happen to be Cameroonians.

The Minister of Culture and External Relations are always invited BUT they never as much as acknowledge receipt of the "Invite" talk less of attending. I honestly understand why we Southern Cameroonians are fed up saying Enough is Enough.

All of this not withstanding, I am still personally against acts of barbarism and vandalism where ever it emanates from.

I am sorry to have digressed from the initial thread but its because there are things that beats comprehension and my belle no be store. This plaba dey really wanda me.

Tah Mfar Mbang Nfor Mishe Fon
The Matrufon of Alamatu (NB: This is a very important title)
Southern Cameroonian in very good standing

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Bafut 06 June 2017
Attempt to write GCE failed as population came out to burn the students and the government technical school where the writing was about to take place. Students ran into the bushes. Seems the writing of GCE in Bafut is over. Some elders begged population to spare the school and intelligence reaching us is that the school was spared.

Bamenda 06 June 2017
Police man had confrontation with a civilian. Policeman tried to deal with the civilian with impunity but it was a wrong civilian. The civilian removed his own  gun and fired on the policeman who died on the spot. Civilian climbed on his bike and drove off. It seems guns have infiltrated Bamenda in their numbers and civilians now armed. It is not clear if civilian was a bush faller or a local. 

Bamenda 06 June 2017
Policeman took girlfriend to a hotel around Council Junction and was about to have fun. Unidentified gang stormed hotel and butchered the policeman. Not sure if policeman still alive or death at the point of writing.

More stories and details coming in from various location in Ambazonia (Southern Cameroons)


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