Thanks Mr. Ntonifor for your reaction. One of the biggest problems we face and have faced for decades over our plight as a people (British Southern Cameroons) is not having people call things what they are. In short we have people who pose as leaders but want to speak from both sides of their mouths. We have pretenders , indeed very big pretenders. Silent leadership is very unlikely to take us far in this struggle.
  Unlike you, I have not seen anywhere on the email announcing the coming of Gorji Dinka (leader of the Ambazonia Group) that this tour is endorsed or sanctioned by SCACUF on whose Leadership Council Dinka and some of his Ambazonia apostles sit. There is zero evidence about that approach. Instead, I see Dinka's tour as plan to sell his so called Ambzonia road map, a road map that he has been trying to  sell for decades without success. Look at the flyer again and you will see the so called road map almost 100% executed except for the item requiring that a Bailiff be hired to execute the final phase of his so called road map. To me , I am very sorry to say this is NONE SENSE. We either have SCACUF as the leading organization for the fight now or nothing.If SCACUF cannot stand tall in condemning these types of individual group actions, then we are out for a very hard deal. I said in one of my earlier contributions that there is no need for SCACUF if the groups that constitute it are not willing to give up at least part of their own individual approaches that they held before.
   Very recently we saw the emergence of a certain group called MORISCS that was only formed in February 2017 metamorphosed from a coordinating group that it claimed to be at inception to a fighting group. Interestingly the so called MORISCS was not only admitted into the leadership council, it took a disproportionate percentage of the offices in SCACUF.  To crown it all, MORISCS not only sold her agenda/road map but sought through its leader a certain Boh Herbert to run the entire organization of SCACUF from behind the screen. Luckily these machinations have been uncovered early enough to clip the wings of the vultures before it flew wild.
    My very strong appeal and warning is that those in leadership positions in SCACUF should be able to call a spade a spade. If we are not going to stop this fighting in disperse fronts then why are we preaching this choir of unity under SCACUF? Edwin Ngang who sent out this posting has been representing Ambazonia in the leadership council of SCACUF as long as I can remember. He should be better placed to tell/counsel his boss Gorji Dinka about the workings of SCACUF

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 4:14:00 AM EDT, Ngwa Nto' <> wrote:

Dear all,
I am happy to note that action is being taken to free our territory and people and, as a person, I am very appreciative of the efforts of many in this struggle. May I note also, however, that the leadership of the Southern Cameroons now is SCACUF. Though I have noted also that the trip is said to be endorsed by SCACUF, that is not what I suppose should have been. As a member of the United Front, Gorji Dinka's trip should have been planned and announced by the SCACUF Secretariat. Fon Gorji Dinka should have been accompanied on the trip by one or more members of the Advisory Council of SCACUF. Especially the Spokesperson of SCACUF should be involved. I thought we were in agreement that no member of SCACUF goes it his own personal way any longer till we are free. Then we will go back to our various political ideologies for multiparty practice. 

Let no one misunderstand me. I am not against the trip. Rather I looked forward to many of such trips. My point is quite clear and in all good faith. Let us appreciate it together. It is not yet late to make it right.
Ngwa Ntonufor   

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