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Dr. Tsherk  Rezeh

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I suggest that we do not discuss some sensitive issues in this forum; that this forum be reserved for information and education. We can sen our suggestions on sensitive matters to the SCACUF Secretariat.
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Ngwa Ntonufor 

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The Significance of a SC/Ambazonia PM / President

 It is essential to accelerate a Southern Cameroonian or Ambazonian PM/President, now.  The instituting of this critical office made known to everyone is purposefully constructive to our struggle for many tactical reasons.  

First, allow me to acknowledge that we have had such governments declared before since 1992: The government of Mr. Justice Frederick Alobwede Ebong, HRH Fon Fongum Gorgi Dinka, Barrister  Prof Carlson Anyangwe, maybe Ambassador Henry Fossung.  These governments actually set the stage, we thank them all, and I now see the critical essence to institute similar governments, even also in exile. These governments at that time lacked the current momentum that drives the revolution but they have taught us and have tremendously  educated us in the process with various lessons to duplicate especially as we still blessed to have these leaders not only accessible but resourceful with us.  Let us be thankful to all those governments and their leaders, appreciating their efforts, and teachings. I am sorry if I missed any one of those previous governments, not intentional.

I am mindful that our current SC revolution is no longer that of the Lawyers, the Teachers, nor the Coffin's revolutionists.  The Revolution is now own by Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians: All our villages, our towns, and the SC Diaspora.  Thus, strategically to protect those arrested, who are our heroes, the post of PM or the President of Southern Cameroon/Amazonia becomes strategic important. LRC policymaker calculates wrongly that focusing on these our detained heroes, thinking they still have the utmost negotiating power, through which what was unthinkable that is becoming the thinkable – Federation is achievable. They forget that even if we were to at this stage think of federation, restoration should precede so that Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians also put  in place a Government, its army, its Police and a need time to reflect on the rationale to Federate with anyone.  Holding down our heroes and pushing down their throat the idea to re-instituting a failed federation model is a wrong unknown direction to LRC plotters.  

A government, an army, a police force, backs LRC who is party to a wished Federation; what backs SC/Ambazonia, our heroes, the Revolutions that are all under foreign occupation? Thus, a PM/President should shade light to LRC that these our heroes that are under false detention no longer have the power to do what they are demanding, going as far as promising conditional release if they corporate.   In addition, the rationale for an immediate PM or President of Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia deliberately will:  

1.    Redirect LRC to look up to our President/PM's government that will be out of Cameroon, protected. Which, they should see no reason to use hang on those detained ransom with hopes to force a Federation plea through.

2.    Backup SACUF and our detained Heroes leaders, our detained citizen in Yaoundé, and those on self-exile everywhere, will have strategic coordinated leadership that have support from all our groups.  

3.    Show to the entire world that SC/Ambazonia is ready and have a sense of direction, which would disillusion those who still think that Restoration of our stolen Independence in 1961 is a fairytale.

4.    The momentum on which we ground out revolution, pivots from all our towns, villages, and backed by SC/Ambazonia in the Diaspora.  Those at the home front will be motivated knowing that we in the Diaspora are together in keeping hope alive.

5.    Considering that there are concerns in regards to our President/PM host country, our mentioned previous governments never got a host country, I suggest we move on and when we reach that bridge, we will cross it, eventually.

6.    Knowing, sustaining our revolutions is from various facets, it is a good and positive thing, not a negative.  A President/PM is impetus to all these various support facets, unbelievably.

7.    To keep these expedient listing short, a paid President/PM as thought of will be focus on our unwavering direction - Restoration.

Please, comrades, armies of our revolution, let us factor in these points alongside any others as we deliberate to hasten the election and the declaration of a President for SC/Ambazonia. Thanks  

Dr. Tsherk Rezeh.

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