Former Director General of Southern Cameroons Oil refinery SONARA, Mr Charles Metouck who is presently serving a 09 year jail term (for illegal oil bunkering and illicit under the table transactions with French companies for more than six years); has again been condemned by the Special Crimes Tribunal in Yaoundé and sentenced to a "Life Imprisonment" term. He is now freshly accused of embezzling 65 milliard CFA. Metouck had vowed that he was not going alone to jail and produced valid documents to incriminate his former colleagues. After thorough investigation, the TCI tribunal eventually found the PCA of SONARA, Mr Ebong Ngole John guilty of pocketting his own share of 8.7 milliard. He is still the sitting PCA of SONARA.

Others accused alongside the PCA as
co-conspirators in swindling and bleeding the Oil refinery dry are Mr. Edinguele Edinguele Jean, Moue Mbeleck Michel, Yenwo Molo Abraham, Kegne Veronique nee Makamtse, Albert Leonard (expert en fiscalite petroliere) Josette Minlend, Ngo Makon Felicite.

The following were found not (too) guilty as their own theft was almost insignificant (running only to a few millions) and they accepted to pay what ever they stole back to SONARA. They include Aoudou Oumarou, Ibrahim Talba Malla (the present Director General of the corporation), Dikoume Albert, Gwendolyne Burnley Etonde, Lokobo Mitchel, Tiako Nganjeu Louis Marie.

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