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Meaning of Blue Economy : The Blue Economy acknowledges that some aspects of so-called "green living", such as buying organic food and using certain forms of renewable energy, can be economically out of reach for large sections of the population. The primary goal of the Blue Economy is to identify examples in nature where organic recycling occurs and mimic these processes to find out where and how the waste that we generate can be innovatively used again.According to the organization Blue Economy , the principles of a Blue Economy highlight that waste does not exist and nutrients, matter and energy have a cascading effect i.e. the by-product of any of these three can be used for a new product . 

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​ very inspiring and thought provoking sharing.
Unfortunately the myth that organic food and renewable energy are expensive needs to be dispensed-that it is made expensive through narrow thinking of the policy makers is real. The intangible effect of organic will offset the high costs-major health issues, illnesses ,loss of man days etc..
Aside ,what is truly exciting is the recycle-reuse principle espoused here .WE work on the banana fiber and a number of products can be made out of it .So with areca nut and used clothes and organic waste.Today even coffee bean waste is being experimented with .I am happy there is term for it !

The resulting new product creates a new stream for generating revenue meaning the Blue Economy balances environmental sustainability with building up social capital, raising income and creating jobs.

This is  what makes it so worthwhile :-))

Usha K Sankar
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What is to be does not necessarily have to be.

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