[MTC Global] Improving College Education in India

State of College Education in India - Key Root Causes 

1. India has a very large young population 
2. The number of students that seek admission in college every year is huge 
3. Standards for the establishment of colleges are not well framed and implemented 
4. Teachers do not undergo a rigorous recruitment process 
5. Teachers are not capable enough to impart job oriented training to students 
6. The non-deserving faculty provides a batch of non-deserving candidates 
7. Many people at important positions in the administration misuse their powers to make money on the side 
8. Many colleges are run by politicians and their relatives 
9. Most private colleges only teach courses which are in high demand 
10. No set standard laid by the Government for different colleges imparting the same course 
11. Private colleges are mostly run as money making machines 
12. Government colleges do not get enough funds to modernize their infrastructure 
13. There is a lack of flexibility in our education structure 
14. Central Government has tended to decide for and dictate to teachers/professors with focus on political/financial gain instead of developing educational processes 
15. Respect and recognition of teachers/professor by people in power is completely missing 
16. There is no central system to grade colleges 
17. There are very few independent rating agencies to evaluate and rank colleges 
18. Courses are not revised with industry needs in mind 
19. Grading systems across university are not standardized 
20. Absence of skills based learning for undergraduates and graduates. 

College Education in India – Key Issues 

1. There are not enough colleges to accommodate the number of students who seek admission every year 
2. Teacher quality in colleges is poor 
3. Colleges get licenses by bribing officials 
4. Colleges ask for huge donations at the time of admissions 
5. Deserving candidates don't get admission 
6. The option for students to choose courses which match their aptitudes is very limited 
7. Wide variations in inputs across universities for the same level of qualification 
8. Courses taught are not job oriented 
9. Courses are theoretical with the practical aspect missing 
10. Inadequate facilities in colleges 
11. Fees structure of private colleges are very high 
12. Not many colleges offer scholarships 
13. Degrees including PHD can be bought in our country 
14. Colleges are run like business units 
15. System is producing too many while collar job seekers than technical hands.

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Amalendu, MBA

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