[MTC Global] State university MBA course is just a standby course, but not a primary pursuit

State university MBA course is just a standby course, but  not a primary pursuit!

After seeing admissions' trend this year in this part of the world, I realise that although students qualify in the admission test, they don't want to give up their current jobs. They want to join the college for a full time course with zero attendance option, if such an option is available. Apparently, they cannot depend on the fruits of the MBA study, which they believe are uncertain. For them, MBA can be anything but not their primary pursuit.

The students' attitude of this kind is further buttressed by the government scholarship ( Rs.60,000)which is being spent by government on a non-attending student just for a piece of paper that comes as an MBA degree. At the root is a strange situation in which a non-attending student is able to easily pass the MBA examination.

MBA degree is just a piece of paper; all its worth was stripped off!

Look at the standards! All course-related processes are just rituals; every student passes exams, every project report is accepted and passed; every assignment is accepted as good! What a strange way of maintaining standards!

Government universities' authorities should put their minds together to bring MBA degree out of this quagmire.


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