Hi,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis, I decided to stay on Whatsapp but if I come on the internet today it is because of that shocking but very important news of the death of Fons in a car accident. Let us look at the situation closely.
There are very different versions of the accident on the Bamenda - Yaoundé road that has caused the life of TWO MOMO FONS. It has never been seen in the land of our Northwestern people that Fons die through an accident so what really happened? As someone puts it, some 35 Fons from both Anglophone regions were invited by Biya for a private meeting after his personal attempt to solve the present crisis in the region failed. As it goes, envelops had been prepared for the Fons to plead  with them to use their authority to especially send children back to school in September. That being a very good move to frustrate  the Anglophone Struggle.
But why do only these two phones have to die and in  a car accident at that? Moreover, they were not riding in the same vehicle, we are made to understand. And the accident took place YESTERDAY July 8th and where again? Around Bafia. Yes Bafia and Bishop Balla has not yet been buried. Elsewhere, we do not ignore the fact that a certain pressure group in the name of Scacuf is said to have elected/appointed a PM/President for Southern Cameroons. In a twist and beating all expectations, a son on Many in the person of Ayuk Tabe Julius, was the CHOSEN one. But then, the leader of Scacuf, Tassang Wilfred, is from Momo. How contradictory does that look. The puzzle become very difficult to solve at this stage.
Now, looking at the Scacuf Conclave that gave a nod to our brother to occupy that big post, a lot of controversy arose during that meeting as we are informed. That is why the title given to the leader was not specifically chosen though it seems they settled on President. Immediately after the election/appointment, some people started crying foul and a lot of FOR and AGAINST post can be read on Whatsapp. I even got one that was said to be INSTRUCTIONS given to the new leader from another leader acting behind the scene which he Ayuk Tabe MUST follow scrupulously. No comment.
But then WHO does the Scacuf really represent? At the dawn of the Anglophone Struggle were there not THREE Trade Unions involved. How come be it that TWO of them in the persons of Agbor Balla and Dr. Fontem Neba are in jail and nobody cares about them while ONE of them Tassang Wilfred, though on the run, is free carrying whatever ACTIVITIES HE WANTS with WHOEVER HE WANTS. Is there not something malicious hidden behind all this? Why take a POISONED CROWN and put on the head of one of ours as INTERIM whilst they know very well that if tomorrow it works they will tell us YOU HASE HAD YOUR TURN. NOW IT IS OURS. Does anybody see what I am talking about? Where are the Boh Heberts, Ayangwes, Barc Barettas, Bobgas, Cho Ayabas? Why is everyone so quiet, a complicity quietness. Why is it that during all these meetings and so on NOTHING is being mentioned of the other leaders languishing there in jail? Do we really find that normal and correct? When Boh Herbert brought MoRISC money to Nigeria during the creation of Scacuf on the grounds that they respect they MoRISC roadmap to independence, he was welcome with open hands  and made Spokesman of Scacuf. But later when he discovered he was being ordered around or manipulated, he resign. A Manyu son, Larry Eyong, was put to replace him. Up till today he remains a figurehead and has no right to any public declaration. Proof me wrong.People have been seeking my head because I have insistently reminded them of OUR LEADERS IN JAIL and I shall continue to do so until they are freed.
Agbor Balla, Fontem Neba, Mancho Bibixy, Hon. Ayah Paul Abine and the more than 70 others still in detention need our attention. They continue to be there because of the Struggle so we cannot just ignore them. For some months now, I have been trying to keep them up with some oxygen from here. I have put up a DIRECTFUNDME but the response has been very poor though not that negative. In the early days of the struggle we wire $900.00 (Nine hundred dollars) to some of the leaders who had fled to Nigeria and sent us an S.O.S. At that time there was no Scacuf. But later when we were informed that part of the money was used to create Scacuf, we severed ties with them as our gesture was and is still purely humanitarian. If I say we I refer to those who are still FULLY members of the ORIGINAL CONSORTIUM and recognize Agbor Balla and Fontem Neba as their leaders. We continue to pledge our support for them and will stand by them until they are released. DIRECTFUNDME wired $400.00 (Four hundred dollars) to our leaders in jail last month and this month it already has another$300.00 (Three hundred to wire this week. The amount may increase if others join to help. If interested, just let me know. Upon all the mushroom GOFUNDMEs that sprung up at the dawn of this struggle, not a SINGLE MITE got to any of the victims of our Struggle as was reported by the victims themselves. But if other did something in their own way: THANKS. The next DIRECTFUNDME this week will be for Hon. Ayah Paul Abine. Please, do well to help. Just send me an email at this same address.
To conclude, I offer my sincere sympathy to the Momo people for the loss of their Fons. It is unfortunate for such a thing to happen at this time but I also have to warn our people about this Struggle. It is ordained by God and it will succeed whether it is through FEDERATION or INDEPENDENCE. I am not a radical and I am open to anything that will lead Southern Cameroons top having its AUTONMY. We continue praying and hope the Good Lord will hear our prayers. A LUTTA CONTINUA.
Sire Sebastian EPAH                                                                                                                                                                                     Facilitator. Consortium Washington DC area.

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Wherer are the pictures and what did they go to do in Yaounde?

Aaron Agien NYANGKWE
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On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 3:49 PM, 'Greig Batey' via ambasbay <> wrote:
The Fon of Mbengwi and The Fon of Kai, traditional rulers in Momo, were killed in a deadly road accident somewhere around Yaounde today said a reliable source who sent pictures.
My source also said it is rare for a North-West Fon/Fons to die in road accidents.
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