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Dear Mr. Ngwa,

Thank you for those beautiful thoughts.
Yes, there have been those who either have it their way or they bring down everything! And there still are!
What we need is leadership that stands like a rock in the middle of the raging sea; that will not bend to such and that nevertheless will leave the door open for all the children of Ambazonia to join in the struggle for liberation. When we get to Buea, people can go their separate ways in the form of political parties, but certainly not now when our existence is in peril. Let us therefore not belabour the point, but be watchful to ensure the likes of those who seek to rule or to ruin do not overturn our struggle. Freedom, to those who know what it is, is not negotiable. Let us all stand firmly by our leadership to the end.

What we need now is to know once and for all that the UN, AU and nobody else will grant us independence. WE MUST TAKE IT BY OURSELVES. Not only that, but that colonisation never reasons and never surrenders without a fight. THERE MUST BE FINAL CONFRONTATION, to which we must gear up ourselves. We cannot defeat the enemy by running away. We have to meet the enemy in our streets and face it boldly. See what is happening in the Palestinian lands, in Venezuela! How long shall we recoil from facing the enemy? Time is not on our side. The enemy is at its weakest now and we must take advantage of that. Ground action, rather than staying away, is needed now. We are not doing anything new; that is how it has been throughout history. Our youth must wake up and occupy their own streets. The enemy will not kill all of us as some imagine. Do not forget the sense of guilt weighing on the enemy and the power of truth on our side. That power is enough to cow down the enemy if we stand up to its intimidation and violence. Yes, we are dealing with armed robbery in the highest degree. It must be faced! The language must change. Fear must be defeated. Fear alone is our real enemy at this juncture and we must eradicate it. After all, we shall have to defend our territory when we have it back. So what is the difference defending it now and when it is in our hands? In both cases we have to face the enemy. So let us do it now. Methinks this is the only message that must go out to our people if our calm is not to give the enemy time to entrench itself even more in our beloved land.


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Dear all,
Down through history one finds many instances during which populations rose in revolt against their current situations. In all circumstances of revolutions when the people's rage surges and they find coherence, good leadership quickly sees them through. Southern Cameroonians have found all – a common hurt, great unity and the needed leadership.
 The purpose of our revolt against an evil force from east of the river may not be forgotten, giving rise to selfish ambitions by anyone of us. The purpose is to free ourselves and our children now; to free our unborn generations from a truly wicked and barbaric invader. Once we achieve this, a wonderful fallout will be freedom – the freedom we all need! The purpose is to extricate ourselves from the stranglehold of a vicious neighbor, from more than half a century of slavery and to be free – free to take personal initiatives and to pursue happiness; above all to be free to access all that is accessible to man. To forget these lofty ideals as we journey home is to fall by the wayside. This quickly happens when someone arrogates unto self the embodiment and/or direction of the revolution and works to actualize it by all crooked ways.
 A number of our comrades have fought for a very long time and have sacrificed both comfort and company in order that we may be free. Recently we saw selfishness and arrogance at its height. Any attitudes during a people's revolution that may rock the boat is criminal indeed. Intrigues such as by one of us recently cannot be part of the Southern Cameroons we are returning to – a land of virtuous men and women who will not want to play tricks on folks.
 Though we need each other, we can certainly do without self-seekers and their arrogance. By their behavior we now know them. We do not hide our faces when we tell whoever must listen that their desperate tricks of becoming interim Prime Minister through imaginary votes from the air have gone down the drain. Southern Cameroonians are proud of their leaders; our joy is complete and we wish them God's guidance and protection.
Ngwa Ntonufor. 
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