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Being A SINDHI  I have been enjoying the mention of SINDHI Community in reference to the success of Jews, PUNJABI's, Marwaries, Gujarati's, Keralites as also Sindhis  and I fully agree that if a person undergoes trying  times in life- he gets chiselled - linking it  to some communities only becomes relevant as rightly said, due to migration and search for opportunities   ... look at Bihari community now and their share in IAS/IPS over last 5-10 years  .. lack of industry / opportunities for employment in BIHAR and Eastern UP has compelled them to shift in hordes and see their enterprising nature in Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi - imagine their absence from transport sector as drivers and Travel Tour operators .. this  sector is their forte for lowly educated youth and IAS /IPS for educated youth  .... Yes true mobility, necessity, habit of reading all contribute to become "Street Smart"

Coming back to Jews community and their sense of ECONOMY  I recall in the novel DREAM MERCHANTS  the author  (who also wrote about other industries too like Hotels, Moneychangers (Banking)  Airport etc ) mentions about the Jew Boss owning Nickledeons (early version of cinema Theaters)  while in Northern part of America where it is very cold compared to when he would be in California, will roll his cup of Coffee on his forehead and when asked he would reply why waste the heat to atmosphere in this cold , why not use it for body warming by rolling on the forehead when not warming hands with it while holding it by circling your hands around the Coffee mug

This did throw a little insight into Jewish mindset to me  in those  days when I was young in age and used to be addicted to English and Hindi Novels / paperbacks

I just thought I would share this for a little better insight of Jews ways of looking at life

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Dear friends,

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Ever Wondered Why Is There An Extra Shoelace Hole On Your Running Shoes? Here's Why. 

Have you ever wondered why there is an extra shoelace hole at the top of your shoe? Almost all running shoes have an extra hole, usually found behind and underneath the last hole that almost no one uses. Well, the extra shoelace hole actually has a totally legit purpose. It is there to stop your feet slipping forward in your shoes while you run and prevent blisters.

People get blisters on their feet while walking on a tough terrain. The main reasons attributed to this irritating skin problem are sensitive skin and the constant rubbing of feet with the fabric of the shoe. These blisters can be prevented easily by tying the extra holes in the form of a "lace lock" or a "heel lock", this will keep the foot properly seated in the back of the shoe, leaving room for the toes up front.


1. Lace up your shoes as normal.
2. Then, slip the laces over and in to the holes at the edge to create loops on each side of your shoe.

3. Now, cross your laces and insert them into the loop on the other side. 

4. Finally, pull your laces tight and tie the knot as usual to finish the 'lace lock' or 'heel lock'.

This strong binding creates additional friction between the laces. The shoe is held nice and tight without having the need to tight all of the shoelaces, and hence it prevents the toes and heels from smashing into the ends of the shoe.


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