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February 10th 2013 (Just a few months to making it SIX years; Cameroon President in a prime time CRTV / CamTribune "BREAKING NEWS" solemnly announced the following (in French of course):
1)  "Je suis tres fier d'annoncer que" An Ultra modern dialysis center is about to be completed in Bamenda that would serve the population far and wide.
2) "Dans les memes orders d'idees" I am pleased to equally "Break the following good news: All the projects I announced last year are either operational or are at their final stages of wrapping off. 

-  Bauxite Exploration Plant near Minim Martap, Ngaoundere
-  Lom Pangar M'vele Hydro electricity dam
-  The Nkambe, Jakiri, Ndop (NWR) Diamond / Gold mining plant
-  The SONARA extension (to Douala) project
-  The asphalment and/or replacement of tar on the Y'de - Bafoussam - B;da Roads.
Any astute  scholar of Cameroon Politics can tell us after conducting his/her own investigative citizen due-diligence  investigation about these projects.

This week again I was once more in a controversy mood, as I was viciously attacked on WhatsApp by a "Camnetter? for voicing my opinion on why I think it is a pretense to be "Fighting with La Republique" and at the same time asking Mr Moundi aka Petit Pays (a known public figure) known for his anti SC stances and even composed a song with main lyrics "Le Cameroun est et sera toujours Un et Indivisibe...fat quoi fait quoi" invited first by the Bali cultural group people and now the Banso BUI cuktural group) people. All of this brouhaha because of my having suggested earlier on Camnet, that "Methinks children should go back to school come September" and I gave my reasons why....anyways, I digress a lot.

MTN and Orange (two behemoth) Telecom giants in Cameroon (like the financial predators and shylocks that they really are) have proposed to ART (Agence de Regulation de Telecommunications) a price hike starting August 1st 2017 i.e an almost 114% unjustified increase to bleed us dry completely
47 francs CFA/Min (voice) during normal/business hours and 52 FCFA @ peak
40 francs CFA/Min for nightly calls
26 france CFA for SMS

Well, unfortunately for us Southern Cameroonians, the government has just finalized the details via appropriate signatures of a "Gre a Gre (i.e no public bidding") Contract with a South Korean firm through its Cameroon affiliate, Alhadji Danpulo's Waiko's Int. Ltd for an OIL & Gaz Pipeline from SONARA Limbe straight to Douala and (Kribi???). They claim the project will produce 250,000 to 600,000 jobs in Cameroon

Can anyone reliably tell us what happened to the 800 billion,357 billion,  232 billion FCFA donated to Cameroon by UN's FAO, WET program and other partner agencies for projects mainly in S/Cameroons the bread basket. These projects include the following I can remember off the top of my head:
-  cleaning 4400 hectares of mangrove to sustain fishing at its present level; promote irrigation using natural abodes like the Menchum Falls in Wum whose waters can be accumulated in a dam and even supply electricity to the whole of Africa; Build Farm to Market roads for  drama-free transportation of various food items before they perish. Again, if any of you astute "Investigators" have seen any of these projects operation, kindly share with the rest of us who are n the dark.

Recent statistics say the NW and the SW have the best and superb yielding sub-soil with an abundance of everything (industrialists) want all over the world. My simple question is: "If all of these actually belongs to us Southern Cameroonians, what stops us from saying "Enough is enough" and take the law into our own hands to stop the pilferage (stealing using brute force) and systematic plunder of our cherished and God given resources.

Simple example to wit. Bamenda has now been placed as the highest producer/exporter of "Irish" potato in Cameroon.
A 5L bag now cost 1500 FCFA; 10L cost 2600 FCFA while a 120kg bag now sells for 35,000 FCFA. Owners of farms will never complain if they could simply have their government use the monies given to them by "Donor Organizations" for the specific projects earmarked by the,


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