Re: President of French Parliament wishing to meet our leader?

Hello Dear friends on the podium, Greetings. It is not so much a matter of recognition than it is a tactic to measure a good number of issues.When personalities meet, there is body language, there are exchanges of words and above all, there are exposures of programs.There is no doubt that France as well as the Chancelleries of the European Union and a good number of other countries of the world are following up very keenly the events that unfold in  Southern Cameroons Ambazonia. This week I followed the German TV English channel DW detailly reporting with footage on the situation in "the Enlish Speaking part of Cameroon for the past several months" and there is no doubt  there is real interest in what is going on here.You need not doubt how events are monitored and for sure there will be exchange of notes after the encounter for certain conclusions to be drawn or for further studies or investigations. This is more of diplomacy .
The initial visit of a leader; where he goes to, who he sees and talks with, accompanied by whom,the topics of discussion agreed in advance,how soon after election, etc are all issues of paramount importance and are minitiously planned. We can have no doubts our leaders will handle these with the care they deserve. The other party should come away from the encounter knowing how determined and committed we are so as to adjust eventually. Afterall, there are no permanent enemies ror permanent friends. Between states we only have permanent interests.     Chongwain Nkuo, Njinikom

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I had foreseen this though I never expressed it anywhere. There was a time the French Embassy in Yaounde dispatched an emissary to come and find out how we shall treat them when we have our independence. They  had a 3 hours discussion with Barrister Bobga and Mr Ndangam at the Alliance Franco-Camerounaise in Bamenda. Expressing the wish to see our President, is it not a tacit form of recognition? Let's keep our fingers crossed until after the meeting.
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