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No one should reduce the issue to one of not appreciating the importance of school. The issue is not simply one of schools reopening in September 2017 or January 2018. It is one of why they even stopped. When people are reasonable enough to stop attending court sessions,to stop teaching school children, to stop sending their children to schools, and the reasons for which they did all these things have not been fullfilled, they will be fooling themselves to start going back to school.
On a lighter note, while accepting that a number of countries have had to make this Horbson"s type of choice, we can as well note that we are given a golden opportunity to review , maybe innovate so far as learning/teaching the young ones is concerned.
  First of all, for a long time some of the richest Cameroonians have been, and continue to be illiterates: Fotso, Sohaing A then, and Danpullo today. How did they get there. R. Kiyozaki says "if you want to be rich and happy, do not go to school". Much to learn from him
Secondly, the educational system that serves to train people who will be non other than second/third/fourth class citizens  can be nothing but a devilish system.As we lead up to September 2017, we should strategize as how to train our young ones: practically, give them more of life experiences than theorizing which is accepted to be the hall mark of the present system. Let us make it clear to the parents itis their paramount duty to train their children and sending them out to school is an alternative, and as we struggle to build a new system, they should let the children be busy and useful and never allow them waste away through idleness. The land is our greatest asset and the country side our greatest hope.In every community there are persons who are ready to informally help out in many disciplines and virtually for free. Those outside there should capitalize on the lack of formal employment for many qualified Ambazonians to organize something different , a transitional arrangment to bear the shock of pressure from the oppressors who are using our own very hungry,  dishonest and egoistic brothers to go around preaching the goodness of school, forgetting why we even willingly stopped sending our children to school. This is a non violent method for resisting the oppressor who knows too well that by numbing the educationl system or having full control over it, hecan programm our total elimination.
   It is said Man cannot be oppressed for ever and one thing is true" When we jointly get wrong and stay united in our error, we end up right, whereas when we are disunted in execution of a right decision, we get a wrong outcome. Thanks and we cannot be more resolute than now.  

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The Irish held their children from going to school for two years. This is documented by Padraic Pearse the famous Irish Revolutionary who wrote about this with great eloquence. Pearse wrote: "The educational system the English have instituted in Ireland is a Murder Machine; the schools are soulless and instead of teaching they destroy; they cannot make men but they can break them. We will keep the children home instead sending them to the murder machine called schools". Two things should stand out to you after reading these: 1) that when people are faced with the evils of colonialism, they must protect their children from it and, 2) that holding back children from a filthy educational system was not invented by the Southern Cameroons freedom fighters. It dates back more than a thousand years.
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