Most in Europe, Asia and even Africa don't seem to understand all this wahala about Health Care...heck even many in the United States don't even know what these Law Makers are fighting about. Bottom line: its all about M O N E Y.
Hillary "Kleenton" attempted it when her husband Bill (Clean Thing) was President and was savagely silenced by Republicans. When Obama came into office, he decided to embrace the politically charged topic "heads-on" and lost the House, the Senate and eventually the White House. Republicans waged an all out WAR on what was disparagingly called "Obamacare" to frighten White voters with terms like "Socialist, Communist, Third World Medicine" which President Obama was forcing unto Americans.

The truth, Obama took a Republican idea put in place by then Governor Romney of Massachusetts (to the delight of Bostonians); and tweaked it here and there for National appeal. Since Republicans hated him so much, they would not even listen to the merits or demerits of his proposal. He reminded them that it was a completely "Republican" proposal....Unfortunately since the Republican idea was coming out of the mouth of an ultra - Liberal BLACK (who thinks he knows more than us), the GOP vowed to kill the bill one way or another (and even make him a one term President)...and they have been at it now for almost eight years and counting.

Let me give you a typical example of why these guys will kill each other in this incomprehensive langua on Health Insurance. These are high stakes chips equivalent to the hottest potato any politician can handle and still stand tall. Medicare, Medicaid are "Cash Cows"

Let us look at one simple procedure:

Here's a breakout of the costs in the United States for a simple Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. This basic ENT Surgical procedure is carried out on an ambulatory basis by even a General Practitioner who knows what they are doing and might take at most 15 - 40 minutes maximum to remove Nasal Polyps with modern technological advances.

  • Physician's Fee:        $3,670
  • Anesthesia Fee:         $1,700
  • Facility Fee:              $3,450
  • Septoplasty(??):        $7,000
  • Radiation Therapy:    $2,350
  • Laboratory:                $1,650

Unfortunately, the bill received by the Insurance Company for the
30 minute operation is $18,985.00. Your Co-Pay (or out of pocket costs) for this particular "Financial Transaction" could be anywhere in the neighborhoods of $3,680 dollars. Now you have to factor in Medications, subsequent "Follow-Up" Doctor's re-evaluation Visits which are not free. NOW, look at a price comparison for this same surgical intervention.

When you come into their clinic and they diagnose with any ENT infected Sinuses; they will put you on a regimen of "antibiotics and cortico-steriods" for a couple of days to monitor progress.

United Kingdom:         UK Equivalent of $550.00
Australia:                      Less than $250.00
India:                            Equivalent of $200.00
China:                          Almost Free
Nigeria:         Well, it depends. There is always the Man know Man Factor
Cameroon:    *B-) coolU getty Money U tolly, U no gettam U waka go Meung*:(( crying

Don't get me wrong. If you are able to break through either through your employer with a good Insurance package; the Hospitals in America are top notch but as a capitalistic society, the name of the game is DOLLARS. You PAY to PLAY. No ifs no buts. That is why any sane American politician is running away from the health care debate as much as they can. In a recent Town Hall meeting in South Carolina the ex Governor (who disappeared for one week only to be discovered between the legs servicing compassionately his actress Argentinean mistress) but who somehow still managed after the hot salacious scandal to become a US Congress man. Remember the guy who went on his knees infront of his legal wife to say "I will never do it again" only to re-disappear again a few weeks later coming back with a marriage ring proposal from his Argentine "Njumba". So, a Journalist asked him where he stands with this "Health Care Debate"?
Gov. Mark Sanford: " Well, what I can tell you is that "Anything but Obamacare". I have suffered too much in life. All I need now is stay with my new wife. Do you know they have a good health care system in Argentina? Obamacare is very bad and we must repeal the nonsense. No more no less.

Mishe Fon


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