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Isn’t there a rubber material  that can be molded to the teeth  that the pt can bite up and down on to reposition his teeth now. Jonathon Parker was making them for patients. I can’t recall the material.


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Ok, you will all enjoy this...let me tell the story chronologically though


A patient for whom I provided OSA therapy (Somnodent, Ares testing, etc) but who

is not a dental patient in my practice called me last weekend.  He is doing well with

his sleep, and is happy about the results he has gotten from wearing the MAD nightly.


He had a toothache, molar I think, and his "regular" Dentist did a root canal. All is well apparently,

but he called me to discuss "concerns" the dentist had when he showed him the Somnodent.


#1 this guy doesn't do Somnodents, and prefers the TAP...but it was my impression that he doesn't do much of that either

#2 he strongly cautioned this patient about the evils of going around all day in some form of mandibular protrusion

and, of course,

#3 He emphasized the necessity of using the bite tab each and every morning, with instructions on how

he would know if his jaw was back to a retruded position.


Well, I listened to all of this, agreeing to the extent that it satisfied the patient...but eventually I did tell him

that honestly, I didn't think many of my Somnodent patients ever actually use the thing, and that folks seem

to be quite comfortable with these jaw position, and that no one ever complains one way or the other.

Thinking to myself, "I remember when I thought all that stuff too, and this other dentist is just ignorant, but hey,

that's ok, he just doesn't do this kind of treatment..."


Then, this week, I discover that Somnodent doesn't even provide the bite tabs anymore!


Funny, ironic, coincidental.  I love it!  Life (and the practice of dentistry) is a funny ride isn't it?


It does make me laugh when I remember all the "arguments" I have had over the years, especially with 

Dallas area dentists and orthodontists, about how horrible it is that I am disregarding bite position, etc.

in the treatment of OSA...I just smile and remind them that breathing well all night long is more important.

AND, most still argue with me that bite position is more important!!!

Dentists....oh well, you get the point.


I think it was Rascal Flatts who sang: "life is a highway, I wanna ride it, all night long"


how abou:t life is a highway, I want em breathing, all night long!!



Marc Whitmore


Marc Whitmore
Plano, TX

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