[MTC Global] Telecom war hotting up - Summer of discontent or Midsummer Nights Dream

TOI seems to have been hijacked for the day today as the Front Page was heralding the full page Ad about Reliance. Significant disclosure was that Reliance had acquired 72 Million Jio Prime Members in just 31 days. Recharge deadline has been extended to 15th April after its earlier 31 March closure. A slew of Offers starting from Rs.303/- ( calculate it with 72 million).
The figure/data disclosed by Reliance can only be verified by 3 people.:
  1. TRAI
  2. DOT &
  3. The Company ie. Reliance.
Reliance as we have been reading over the last few months has been having a turf war with other telecom players viz. Airtel, & Vodafone. While Reliance lacks the infrastructure ( signal towers ) where the other two players have over the years built a strong nationwide network. Reliance worked out an arrangement of renting the signal tower through TRAI from the other two players paying them rental for usage. However when Reliance started their Jio operations and started poaching Voda, MTNL, Airtel and other telecom service providers customers, the other players started hedging in offering full utilization of their tower and signal equipments which resulted in dropped calls on reliance voice whereas its data operations were satisfactory and youngsters all throughout the country switched to Jio. Having successfully captured the youth, Reliance then through their offers made other customers switch network and many customers now have dual sim where one would be Jio. When the service providers started pulling out their plug on Jio, the company approached TRAI and it directed the players: Airtel & Voda to comply with the agreement and the litigation is still on in the judiciary. Reliance Jio offer also triggered a Price War among the 3 players with each of them putting across new plan ( mostly for the pre-paid new customers ) offering them unlimited data and capped data and MTNL too jumped into the war with its own offers.
So as the scorching summer burns the Indian terrain, the telecom offer could provide them some relief. No ?
Marketing Faculties could very well have a great Case Study on their hands.

Warm Regards,

Stephen Narayanan
Freelance Educational Consultant/Corporate Training facilitator

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