[MTC Global] Mumbai schoolteacher forced to sell idlis on streets for a living

After working as teacher at a school in Kalyan near Mumbai for 14 years, Dilip Raje, 52, is now forced to sell idlis on the streets for a living. Reason: the school education department's decision to do away with surplus teachers in Marathi medium schools.

Raje, who was sacked in September 2016, used to teach social science and Marathi at Shishu Vikas Madhyamik School, Beturkarpada. "I always wanted to be a full-time teacher. I was promised a full-time post, but they never fulfilled it," said Raje

He was paid Rs6,000 as part-time teacher. His post was approved in 2009, after which his salary increased to Rs15,000 a month.

Raje is the only earning member of his family. His son is 17 years old, while his daughter is 2.

"I approached the education department to consider our demands and find a way to protect our jobs. At least 52 teachers from Thane and Palghar lost their jobs," said Raje.

Raje puts up his makeshift stall at Vasant Valley in Kalyan (West). " I don't hesitate, but I am not satisfied with what I am doing. I enjoy teaching and I wish to work as a teacher all my life," said Raje, who plans to move court.

According to the new rules, a batch of 30 students from Class 1 to 5 and a batch of 35 students from Class 6 to 8 can have only one teacher.

 Source: HT

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