DIASPORA - Cameroonians Abroad

DIASPORA - Cameroonians Abroad

The GRC is engaging Cameroonians from abroad in the capital city of Yaounde,
this end of June in the Year of Our Lord 2017.

The engagement of persons of Cameroon origin in what used to be the Federal
Capital city of Yaounde is at best in bad faith and in many ways extremely

The sole reason that the GRC in 2017 is very publicly engaging the Cameroon
diaspora is specifically because Patriotic Aboriginal Anglophones of West Cameroon
Extraction - PAAWCEs - have, since November 2016, been expressing their 
total disapproval of a government that has continuously practised state terrorism
against her very own citizens in the English Speaking region of the country, that
is West Cameroon, or what used to be called "Southern Cameroons".

The GRC knows very well that since 1990, after the forceful re-introduction of
multi-party politics following the launching of the SDF, there has been a mass exodus
of PAAWCEs abroad.  PAAWCEs thought with their feet and left the country because
there was no place for them inside the territorial boundaries of what was the
United nation state of Cameroon.  The GRC views almost every Cameroonians who
lives abroad with utmost suspicion as being against everything that the GRC stands
for.  This unfortunate perception comes directly from the Presidency of Cameroon.

Ever since the 1990s attempts to have a cordial and good working relationship
with the GRC have failed.  Not only have these attempts failed, but the attempts
have fallen absolutely flat, thanks to an egotistical attitude that emanates 
directly out of the Presidency of Cameroon.

In 1995 during the United Nations Golden Jubilee, attempts were made by
Cameroonians in the USA, more specifically Washington DC, to work with the
Cameroon Diaspora at large.  Several meetings were held in Washington DC for
a period of over four(4) weeks.  A message or memo was hand delivered, at least
so we were told, by then Ambassador Jerome Mendouga (RIP) to President Biya in 
New York.  I was the Secretary of the meetings that held.   The contents of the
letter or memo have never been taken seriously.

A few years down the line, when the American Association of Cameroonians - AMACAM 
was launched, several overtures were made to the GRC, via the Ministry of External
Relations, the Prime Minister and the Presidency of Cameroon.  Some of the proposals
in the correspondences included having a Directorate in the Ministry of External 
Relations to work with Cameroonians abroad.  A few years later the GRC complied
and created the directorate.  That directorate is almost non-functional very like
any other bureacratic position within the civil service.

Outrcy after outcry has fallen on absolute deaf ears at the level of the Presidency
of Cameroon, which by implication has stagnated if not retarded the development of
Cameroon.  The developmental index of Cameroon that ought to have been improved upon 
by 2020 is now being talked about in a fictitious offering by ENAM graduates to 
"Emerge" in 2035.  They now toy with the word "emergence" that is de rigeur to them.

Cameroonians abroad decided to hold their own diaspora conference in Burkina Faso
and in some other country, probably France.  The GRC wrote to the Burkina Faso
gov't to cancel the conference.  The GRC again wrote to the other country discouraging
the other conference.

The GRC diaspora conference has been done before this year 2017.  But, like with any other
thing that the GRC is involved in, it was just a whitewash for things to appear as if
they are being done, whereas there is nothing serious.  A smoke screen.

This year 2017, the GRC via their embassies abroad, has decided to hand pick Cameroonians
that they were going to work with.  This time around in the USA, they hand picked 
Dr Samuel Dongmo.  In the past, the GRC hand picked their CPDM-USA representative
Mr. Joseph Mbu.  

The GRC has never been interested in working with Cameroonians in the diaspora.
The GRC rather views Cameroonians in the diaspora as a real threat to their existence
rather than a cooperative force for the development of Cameroon.

When the nation state of Nigeria was about to have their first conference of Nigerians
in the Diaspora - NIDO - I was an invitee to the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC,
whereby all groups in different sectors of the economy met and carved out a development
platform of their contribution.  This resulted in a group of their elected representatives
meeting President Olusegun Obasanjo at the Waldorf Astoria in New York in a conference.
In the case of Cameroon, the Presidency of Cameroon rather expects Cameroonians abroad
to line up streets abroad and clap to welcome them, a mentality steeped in nativity. Then
the Presidency via its embassy hand picks representatives who are subservient to their
tribal inclinations or political affiliations.  A policy that has absolutley nothing 
whatsoever to do with intelligent Cameroonians abroad. The GRC does not believe in the development
of the nation state of Cameroon at all, but rather those controlling the GRC, believe
in their instinctive survival of perptrating themselves in power into perpetuity.
These unpleasant set of circumstances is what has led to the FODIAS 2017.

The leaders of the PAAWCEs who have been complaining through strike action via the teachers 
and lawyers have been arrested and flown across state lines to the capital city Yaounde.
Obviously they receive the support of Cameroonians abroad.  These same Cameroonians abroad
have throughout the years been directly supporting the economy of Cameroon via remittances
that far exceed what the World Bank and IMF give the GRC.  Rather than negotiate sincerely,
the GRC is busy committing crimes against humanity, and then uses a Diaspora Conference
as a smokescreen to get to other PAAWCEs who are abroad.  The GRC is busy creating fictitious
projects as make-believe scenarios with un-suspecting Cameroonians who live abroad.  It
is via this smoke screen that the GRC shall get information that they shall later use to
maim, kill and arrest other Cameroonians abroad.  The GRC already killed their very own
Bishop Balla of Bafia.  

On the other hand the GRC is arresting, torturing and maiming other Cameroonians who
hail from the English Speaking part of the country who land at airports in Douala and Yaounde.
English Speaking Supreme Court Justice Ayah Paul Abine in jail, has been retired. Agbor Balla,
Mancho Bibixy, Fontem Neba etc.. are in the GRC dungeons, for crimes of terrorism according to 
the GRC. Tassang Wilfred, Eyambe, Bobga and so on have fled to Nigeria and the USA.

The GRC because of its manner of handling the crises in West Cameroon has rather radicalized
the vast majority of Cameroonians within the West Cameroon homeland and abroad who are now
clamoring and working hard tooth and nail towards the independence of the Southern Cameroons.

In conclusion, the motivations of the GRC in organizing a much publicized conference on the
diaspora are sinister and gathering of intelligence via un-suspecting participants in order
to commit crimes against humanity in the future.

Cameroonians Abroad are taking appropriate steps to re-dress this sordid state of affairs
especially via International Courts in Europe and in Africa.

June 29, 2017
Pa Fru Ndeh
Washington DC


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