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Dear All,
Love or loathe the Munas and particularly Ben Muna as much as you like but only few are endowed with the equanimity of mind to analyse what he said. At is stands, in 100 years, I believe La Republique will not give independence to Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) particular if they can still pump their oil directly into ships in the sea from Ndian Division in Southern Cameroons. This is the key to the longitivity of their occupation of Southern Cameroons. Even if SONARA is bombed or burnt down today, it means nothing. La Republique du Cameroun will import refined products directly into Douala from abroad and keep going. Nigeria has 3 SONARAs that are barely working but it imports almost all its refined fuel and so it will be with La Republique du Cameroun. If the oil exploitation in Ndian is stopped or seriously threatened, then La Republique will leave earlier than the Muna 100 years timeline but if not, they will try to withstand all that we bring.
Ghost time means nothing to them if it does not affect the oil pumping in Ndian. No schools is embarrassing but is not little consequence to them particularly if 99% of their own children are school in La Republique du Cameroun. We are hitting baby blows and claiming we are winning FATLY, BIGLY etc. All this is rubbish, the enemy is embarrassed but not scratched economically or even politically. Yes, a bit embarrassed but that is all.
The alternative timeline to the Muna 100 years timeline is the Security Timeline. This timeline involves heavy price in treasury and blood but it is relatively short timeline of a maximum of about 20 years. This involves a magnanimous conflagration between francophones and Anglophones i.e. Anglophones threaten, chasing ALL francophones from Southern Cameroons and francophones chasing Anglophones from Douala, Yaounde etc. Multilateral institutions getting involved, many deaths, and heavy loss of property both fixed and movable, a South Sudan kind of referendum in 10 to 15 years, then independence. There can be no remission of sins without the shedding of blood. Independence from Foley Hoag court cases is a mirage which goes to confirm the Muna 100 years timeline.
The choice is that of Southern Cameroonians (Ambazonians), to wit:
  1. Continue with ghost towns, no schools, and allow La Republique du Cameroun to be exploiting its oil, timber, food stuff from Southern Cameroons and be doing cosmetic reforms, release prisoners with conditions or judicial supervision to weaken the struggle, etc. and let the Muna Timeline of 100 years pass without independence;
  2. Go after the Security Timeline and realise that independence has to be fought for and not given on a platter by a party who gets 74% of its revenue from the colonized territory and spends only 4% on it hence a super profit making it profitable to hold the territory for as long as possible, and particularly as it gets 95% of its foreign revenue from oil in the colonized territory hence he CANNOT grant independence and independence MUST be taken against his will by chasing its civilians and officers from the colonized territory no matter the cost in treasury, lost property and blood spilt on both sides hence getting independence in a 20 years timeframe;
  3. Abandoning the whole panacea of independence and settling with a second class citizen Federation or Decentralisation option and accept the unholy marriage even if one party is riding rough shod on you.
  4. Continue with the present Unitary State and with some roads tarred in Southern Cameroons and some people employed (teachers and lawyers) and some documents translated as bilingualism, with the assumption that it is better for a prisoner to have better food in prison today than be dreaming of a banquet tomorrow, and that it is better for a field slave to be given a place in the master's table than stay in the field and be dreaming of a manumission that is 100 years in coming and might not reach in the slaves lifetime.
Above are the options and timelines, the earlier one option is chosen and followed religiously the better for all. Confusing the options does not help anyone.


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