Fw: Private Jets of Southern Cameroonians

Blessed Be Cameroon
Pa Fru Ndeh

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Subject: Private Jets of Southern Cameroonians

Whilst the President of La Republique du Cameroun Paul Biya can ill afford an airplane for 
himself with all sorts of FEYMEN embroiled in the deals, find here below, PRIVATE JETS of
Patriots of Southern Cameroons Extraction:

1. Mola Njoh Litumbe shares this with Honorable Joseph Wirba a

2.  Prof Carlson Anyangwe & Prof Tatah Mentan

3. Elias Eyambe & Wilfred Tassang 

4.  Agbor Balla Nkongho & Fontem Neba

5.  Ntumfoyn Herbert Yusimbom BOH & Barrister Ambe Syh nee Aji-Mvo

6. Fon Forji Ghojum Dinka & Harmony Bobga 

7.  El Hadj Baba Danpullo

8.  Larry Eyong Etchaw & Ntemfac Ofege

9. Dr. Emile Mondoa & Dr. Jude Ozughuen

10.  Pa Fru Ndeh (Eminence Grise Southern Cameroons)


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