Honorable Joseph Wirba lectures Equinox on the problems of Southern Cameroon

This is an interview that the Honorable Joseph Wirba gave with Equinox. The striking point of the interview is that, it highlights the contrasts between the repressive Francophone system of governance –based on fear and submission-- and the more Liberal Anglophone system –based on constructive critic and change--. The sub-Saharan Francophone man thinks that Government is from the top to bottom. Whereas the Anglosaxon system of governance is from bottom up, the opposite.

The Francophone man thinks that the Government is there to force its way on the people, terrorize and tyrannize them --to fear and submission-- to get its way by all means necessary.
The Anglosaxon system defines the role of government as an institution of the people, by the people and for the people. 
Government is there to serve the people and be responsive to their needs and demands. And Government must be accountable to the people that it was designed to serve and protect.
This is precisely why we need two systems of governance in Cameroon if we were to stay in the same country or we just need to part ways.

Watch and enjoy. Wirba, for the time in a long time is given an opportunity to the francophones to understand the fundamental differences between the histories, the  cultures, and the understanding of the role of government and why the two systems cannot be amalgamated like the kleptocracy of La Republique is hopelessly trying to do.

I wish people like John Fru Ndi could follow on this track and be more substantive in making the arguments of our cause. The problem in Cameroon is the fundamental difference on how Francophones and Anglophones understand the role of government.

www.africa-wakeup.com. A great source of inspiration to the problems we face.

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