Any person or nation who stands in the path of Ambazonia is doomed, even their esoteric societies are worthless! Its a spiritual fight which they know they have lost! How, just how can anyone convince us to cohabit, even as a confederacy with Cameroun? They blew the chances themselves and all the arrests and tortures are only adding injury upon injury! Those superpowers are earthly looters, who have made us believe the lies of resource scarcity, while they make do with our resources at our expense. Last week, I made a comparison on Per capita income averages and Europe stood at $68, 000 US, while Africa's was about 2000! And they mock and call us names, support brutal regimes and turn around when such regimes are expired to pretend condemning. Even more, when we compared Western Europe to Congo DRC--resources wise and land surface wise, we realize more glaring truths.... Massa, leave bad stories and we are waiting o see how they will prevent us from taking Ambazonians--land mass and peoples to heaven. Angels are standing guard to teach our collective enemies a lesson, an end time lesson. After June 13 hearings at the UN Security Council, we shall know how and when to change gear and the world would watch those your super powers come prevent us! Please....
Justice M. Mbuh (Ph.D.)

THE LEGACY OF AMBAZONIA  (UN Trust Territory of British Cameroons): The Parliamentary Opposition, ...forged for itself a new role noteworthy for its dignity; and the government,..never attempted to withdraw...the legal recognition that was its due. Thanks to this...West Cameroon has won for itself the prestige of being the one place in West Africa (if not all of Africa) where democracy, in the British style, has lasted longest in its genuine form.  --Prof. Bernard Nsukika Fonlon, The Task of Today, p. 9

On Thursday, June 8, 2017, 11:39:48 PM GMT+1, 'Mishe Fon' via ambasbay <> wrote:

I have been thinking about this lately. In the eighties Cameroon Government created the KORUP NATIONAL PARK (KNP) situated around Mudemba and Ekondo Titi area of SW Region. The entire process of coming up with a Forestry Law for Cameroon but specifically (targeting Southern Cameroons) was written, supervised and handed over to the  government (which was eventually signed and it became the Forestry Law) by a non Cameroonian called STEVE CARTLAN.

Steve was the Country Director of WWF based in Bastos Yaounde. He worked in tandem with other so-called "Environmentalists" but specifically with France via various French Connections and other smaller NGO's like GTZ (German), Elf Acquitaine, Total SA, Perenco, Technip (France), USAID, XTO Energies (USA), DFID (UK) and some individual but unscrupulous Oroko middle men who were either well compensated for (The Law of Silence) their "Expertise". 

All of these "International Players" came in under the guise of "Environmental Protection" BUT in reality, most of them were actually "Oil and Gas" exploitation experts. They were not actually interested in the so-called Biodiversity of the CFP in Mundemba and environs. They eventually teamed up and put their main man of WWF (Steve) in charge of the "Outlook Governmental Services". 

In the "the Forestry Law", Cameroon was advised to RESETTLE the populations in the villages of Ikenge, Esukutan, Bera, Bareka Batanga and Erat out of the Korup National Park area (which equally had an armada of gargantuan Oil Wells, unknown then to the Oroko people). Apparently, (from my Kongossa sources), the payment of "Resettlement Compensation" did not go as planned as accusations of THEFT and under the table transactions were flying around. Intox??? I have no clue.
According to the "Experts" CFP was and probably still is considered as "Heaven on Earth" in terms of its ecological importance and natural Dense Tropical Forest.

According to unverifiable but unimpeachable sources; illegal oil bunkering by unscrupulous merchants has been going on now below the radar of international supervision in the high seas via the Atlantic ocean for many years emanating from the very Oil Rich zone. According to the same sources, a select group of highly placed Government Functionaries, top Military Officers in the Cameroon and Nigerian Governments know what the heck is going on with no one (except me, a Pam'nda man) raising eyebrows. The underdevelopment of the area might be reason enough to understand why France is so scared with this Southern Cameroons re-awakening. Does this alone not qualify me to run for Mayor of Ekondo Titi or even the whole Oroko clan? Some man na ngrung beep?

NB: For those who are awaiting or expecting a scholarly or Journalistic approach in Fact presentation, wuna dey waste wuna time. Just read the damn thing. Wuna dey pay me how much sef. Na wuna pay my school fees 4 Secret Hart Call Age?
Tatah Mishe Fon
Matrufon of Alamatu
Southern Cameroonian in very Good Standing

Watch this short video and draw your own conclusions. Anyways; so you know, since the shooting in 2012, the roads are simply worse off now.

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