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All I can say is "Ashuka ngangali" or Ih Sweet. They aien't seen natty yet. I wish I could join in that suit as an aggrieved MTN subscriber. I say aggrieved because the MTN number one of my "relatives" in Camer is using is my original phone, which means I have been paying into the coffers of that predatory company now for more than fifteen years. These MTN fellows had the guts to side with the govern in not only shutting down the Internet for several months but gave access to SS officials to subscriber's private data. Cameroonians being as "Moumou" as we always are, have continued to use their services without any reprisals. In my own small away, I disconnected the damn number. If only 10,000 people could follow my example and affect their bottom line, they would have thought twice before engaging or immersing themselves in people's businesses. By the way, monthly use of mobile phones including data is more expensive in Cameroon than Nigeria, Ghana, UK, India or USA. WHY? I tried to introduce "LycaMobile" to Mr Bemengue the DeGe of ART (Agence de Regulation de Telecommunications) and he outlandishly dismissed my proposals with "C'est sont les Indiens. Nous ont les connais. Ils ne sont pas a la hauteur".

LycaMobile is almost becoming a household name in America and the UK today dishing out very cheap monthly rates (including 15 minutes of free International calls, Text, data) for less than $30.00/month. Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket, metroPCS, TalkUSA, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, TracFone and much more are today household names in the USA coming up with more creative services to lure new customers. Cameroon will not allow new entrants into the very lucrative mobile phone world; WHY? Tell those wuna coup-pliez clowns dem for MinPostel that competition in any market place is always good for the consumer; a win win of sorts. Remember the song by massa Money Alex: "Competion For Kimba"? In that famous Highlife song, he said that when you had to chuz between an Ibiobio, Munchi, Bameta (Munkwata under bed), Baforchu (Buy one take two), Nkambe Kakah, Bali (chop belleful B4) Lamnso Koffee Bang-Feh (You kam na for kam sleep?), Calabar (woman no dey taya), Ikot-Epene (elastic), Bafaw (no money no problem), Bassa na non-stop, Oroko trong backfoot, Bamoun (I no want carry belle), Ntongtou money 4 hand back touch down (Bafang, Bangangte, Mbouda, Dchang), Ewondo (chop broke pot), Igbo (count money 4 pocket) Balondo (Trong head), Blakossi one 33 one mop, Bayangui till day break all nite long (TDB), Bakweri (I want go London) and even Mendankwe (no try me) mammies dem, the price became "reasonable". That is exactly what should happen to the Telecoms business in Cameroon.

MTN and partners, have found a Njoh "FARM" in Cameroon where they ride rough shod on citizens whose only defense is the laid back nonsense of "On vas faire comment? On n'y peut rien. Les grang katikas du gourvenment et l'assemblee nationale ont decide que le telephone est un luxe  bourgeois  reserve aux njimtetes de la republique et ainsi, il  doit etre cher". And that is how MTN continues to steal from Cameroonians in broad daylight with the active connivance of unscrupulous thieving civil servants. I can reassure you that they will not figure amongst Telecom companies in the nascent Southern Cameroonian administration. If there is one bad company that Southern Cameroonians should collectively BOYCOTT, it is definitely MTN. Do you even know that the LONRHO Group has the most important shares of that yeye MTN company? I know you know what the Lonrho brothers represent in South Africa. (They are like the Koch brothers in America).

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Image result for mtn logoTelecoms giant MTN has been dragged to court for alleged bribing scandal and is being asked to pay $4.2bn in damages. The case, by Turkish telecoms company Turkcell, is heading for trial at the High Court in Johannesburg after years of delays, according to South Africa's Business Day.
"Turkcell is accusing MTN of corruption by bribing officials, arranging meetings between Iranian and South African leaders and promising Iran weapons and UN votes in exchange for a licence to provide cellphone services in Iran," the report said.
"MTN maintains that there is no legal merit in the claim and it will defend the matter."
The report explained that Turkcell originally filed its lawsuit against MTN in the US in 2012, but withdrew the case after the US Supreme Court ruled in another case that US courts did not have jurisdiction in cases involving foreign companies in disputes outside the US. In 2013, Turkcell lodged its lawsuit in the High Court in Johannesburg.
MTN owns a 49% stake in Iran's mobile network operator, Irancell. Iran Electronic Development Company owns the remaining 51%. Turkcell said it was initially awarded the licence, which was then given to MTN in 2005.
Turkcell said its lawsuit had been delayed by objections from MTN and amended particulars of the claims by Turkcell as it sought to accommodate these objections.
"We believe we have a very strong claim. The South African courts will be able to evaluate the huge amount of evidence we have to support our claim that MTN went to extraordinary lengths to unlawfully take Turkcell's rights to the Iranian GSM licence," said Serhat Demir, legal and regulation executive vice-president at Turkcell.
MTN said that recent developments were procedural in nature and they had nothing to do with the merits of the case. (Business Day)


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