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Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi's Anniversary
In 1949, God gave Cameroon a gift in the person of Prof. Tazoacha Asonganyi and took that gift away in 2016. Today, July 3, 2016 is the first anniversary of Prof. Asonganyi's departure.  He accomplished his mission on earth, as a Biomedical Scientist and a constructive-social critic.  Family, friends, and foes alike are impressed and thankful to God for his intellect, generosity, pursuit of truth, and struggle for cultural and national development. 
We worked closely with him on the publication of his memoir published in English and French:  Difficult Choices in a Failed Democracy and Choix Difficiles dans une democracie de facade. We are thankful to all those who helped to make sure the publications saw the light of day.  He pushed forward the project as if he knew the end was near and was thankful that he was able to launch bilingual versions of his memoir in Cameroon. The memoir launching train started in Yaounde, early June and ended in Bamenda.  It never came to the States, Canada or to Europe but copies of both versions are available for everyone at home and abroad.
He passed away a day before the USA independence Day – a democratic country with checks and balances. One of his dying wishes was to make his views widely known in Cameroon and beyond.  He foresaw the impending strike in bilingual Cameroon. Check his memorial site: http://tazoacha-asonganyi.last-memories.com  for more information.  These are some of his last words: "Make sure you fly high, make sure you fly fast; and make sure you fly safe!" … "Just do your best doing good, defending the truth, and being yourself." Read his memoir for more of the great Statesman's vision. Let the cost, $20 each, not deter you. There are free copies for those who cannot afford.
In addition to reminiscence on the anniversary of his passing, we want to invite ALL to fulfill one of his cherished goals. Get a copy of his memoir through any one of the following:
Prof. Nkemnji  (USA): Tel: +1 608 239-3994  Email:  ngt_press@yahoo.com
Mr. Anthony Asong  Tel: +1 706 540 5356 Email:  tonyasong@yahoo.com
Prof. Achenjang Tel:  +1 859 583 4712  Email: fachenjang@gmail.com
Mr. Njuzy Asonganyi (Cameroon) Email: njuzyasonganyi@yahoo.com
HRH Fuaseh (UK-Europe) - Tel: + 44 7921 049 57000  - Email: asaatong@yahoo.co.uk
Mbe Nkemnji (Canada) - Tel: +1 514 770 2008 -  Email: dnkemnji@yahoo.com

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