Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please follow us and like our page @MECAUSAINC and get updates from the just concluded 2017 MECA-USA INC. CONVENTION that just paved the way for a United MECA USA Convention in 2018.

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Boh Manyu!
Whether you attended the convention or not, MECA-USA, INC.'s  IT/MEDIA DIRECTOR, Brother Richie "Cyberglobus" Nkongho and NAT'L YOUTH COORDINATOR, Ms. Mary Besong  have brought the convention to you in vivid color!

In your FB search box, enter @MECAUSAINC and see yourselves or relatives, friends and family at the 2017 Convention in Houston, Texas this past weekend.

Like the page, comment, add your own pics and messages and share with all your contacts! Please, also take a moment to appreciate the beloved Manyu River with canoes and boat people at its banks! We specially selected that photo to depict God's gift to us, BOH MANYU, and sybolism that like the Manyu River, may Eta Mandem order that our lineage and culture endure and flow forever!! Much, much, much love to you all!!!

Chi meh
Nfor Godfrey "Sheriff" Eta
Chairnan, MECA-USA, INC.

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