Fw: Why are the safety records of the U.S.' nuclear arsenal secret?

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Subject: Why are the safety records of the U.S.' nuclear arsenal secret?

Why are the safety records of the U.S.' nuclear arsenal secret?
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Dear MintPress readers,
MintPress News reports that the Pentagon has halted the public's access to the U.S.' nuclear arsenal safety records.
Pentagon officials have chosen to classify safety records pertaining to the U.S. nuclear weapons program, citing alleged security concerns. But it seems that these officials are likely more eager to cover up the program's flaws, which include failed inspections and numerous security lapses.
Without notifying the public, the Pentagon has moved to classify the safety records of its nuclear weapons operations, a segment of the military with a long history of failed inspections, near-catastrophic accidents, security lapses and low morale.

Despite the fact that the Pentagon has never suggested that reporting on nuclear inspection results could compromise nuclear security, Pentagon officials have stated that the decision was made in order to avoid disclosing too much information about U.S. nuclear capabilities to the public.

Prior to the classification of nuclear weapon safety reports, inspections regularly revealed major flaws in the U.S. nuclear program. The Pentagon's decision has raised the suspicion of critics, who argue that the program's history of poor inspection results was what really prompted the move.
The Pentagon has a long-standing practice of hiding the most outrageous safety flaws from the public, even when they nearly caused massive death and destruction. The Pentagon kept documents detailing a 1961 incident, in which the U.S. Air Force nearly detonated an atomic bomb 260 times more powerful than that used on Hiroshima over the state of North Carolina, secret.

Despite these things, the U.S. has continued to publicly deny that its arsenal has put American lives at risk due to safety flaws. These denials will undoubtedly become easier following the classification of the nuclear weapons inspection reports.

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