Consumer (Human) behaviour is defined as "The dynamic interaction of affect, cognition and the environment by which Human beings conduct the exchange/emotional aspect of their lives." This simply means that the buying actions (or amorous choice options) of consumers are greatly affected by their thought process, their feelings experienced, proximity and most especially the propensity of the age old adage of "Closeness to Raw Material" factor.

That is the untold story of Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (hosts of MSNBC Morning Joe) but first, this is what we know officially about Mika.

She is the daughter of liberal icon, diplomat and National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter late Dr. Zbigniew (the name alone can cut ya tongue) Brzezinski. She is a Journalist and a Visiting Fellow (Professor) at the Harvard Kennedy school of government. She has worked with CBS, WABS, NBC and other networks. Married to James Hoffer (a Journalist/Lawyer) for almost 13 years with two beautiful girls as proof of "Goat dey chop 4 place wey dem tie yi") MIKA divorced the poor guy in November 2016. 

Mika joined the "Morning Joe" team since 2007. The job is very demanding as it starts religiously at 6am M/F. It simply means, you have to be out of your house by 2am (everyday SVP) to prepare your program. Now you begin to get the drift of the accuracy initially injected in the definition of "Closeness to Raw Material" above. None of the two is at fault here...I must insist. Na condition make njanga ih back bend. Period.

These two "Hot Journalists" have to strategize on modus operandi of the "Morning Joe Program" and usually end up with modus vivendi. Some man na ngrung beep? Things happen. OK, First time could be considered as "smol mistik" of One thing led to another but with a promise of "we no go do am again"...BUT it all depends on how the execution of the "modus vivendi" kommot. That simply means, there were no "Fire-works". Remember, no one caught them in the act; so it can die a natural death.

BUT if you have to go host the "Morning Joe" say in Los Angeles, Miami or even Washington State (weh cold fit kill man 4 dry season)...How man go do? Especially when you are so "close to the raw material".
Remember, when you are "on Official Mission and out of State", another famous adage goes thus: "What happens in Vegas, Na 4 Vegas dem go bury the Nuss". French man says in this situation "Ni Vue, Ni Connue". So, for one long month, you guys are busy "Investigating Political News" during the day and "analyzing outcomes" late into the night after draining a series of liquors with the obvious resultant consequences that arise from Closeness to Raw Material...especially after you touch smol "Nduh".

Unfortunately for them; Enter Donald Trump. A master manipulator and who has a PhD in shenanigans related to the subject matter. He (for his personal reasons...to use one day one day) has been monitoring the activities of these two LOVERS and decides that it is payback time. Standard Blackmail tactics erupt. He calls Joe and says: "You either start saying nice things about me or "I Go Tok". Joe takes it for a "Trumpian" bluff but another high personality in Trump orbit calls him to say "Mbra, dat ting serious oh. No be joke. We get kind by kind compromising videos. How you fit chop some man yi chop sotey leak pan?

Shaken to the corps, Mika gets frightened and hurriedly arranges a divorce with the father of her two daughters. Look at the dates again....And when "water kam pass garri" the duo announce in June that they are "Fianc√©s". A quelle heure? Pah Trump is a full fledged "Mboko Man with all the bonafides of a street brawler" who will go to any length to damage your reputation as long as it advances his own what ever agenda he has for the moment. Right now, he wants Mika and Joe to toe the line and say nice things about his imaginary "Health Care Bill" and subsequent agenda.

Hence my advice to those of you who are "Profiteering" from their closeness to Raw Material...WUNA LOOKUT. I will be investigating with "Spy Cameras".

Mbang Nfor Mishe Fon
The Matrufon of Alamatu
Southern Cameroonian in very good standing


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