No Schools Shall Re-open In September

Dear all,

The mail below was first sent to leaders of the main church denominations in the Southern Cameroons. Later it was found necessary to let all Southern Cameroonians read it. 

 In the recent past we have had information on how Mr. Biya Paul has been visiting places and persons at unholy hours in order to obtain their support in destroying the Southern Cameroons revolution which seeks to restore a statehood which was illegally dismantled by evil forces from east of the River Mungo some one-half century ago. After failure in some places he found favour with some church authorities resulting in the now controversial announcement by one Father Mbui Humphrey that schools will resume in September. Already there were announcements in Roman Catholic Churches yesterday Sunday concerning interviews for admissions into colleges. Now the willing slaves known as CPDM militants are already celebrating victory of evil over moral and legal right. We have also listened to the audio message over social media condemning this satanic option by some so-called church leaders. The following is the message to all Southern Cameroonians, including also those who made the announcement. The following are facts.

-          The people's revolution was not called for by the church or its leaders. No church authority has been mandated to end it in any way conceivable.

-          Church leaders are not political leaders per se. They have, however, usually made their voices heard in support of reason; in support of oppressed people, where the will of God for man has been replace man's inhumanity. In circumstances of obvious evil plaguing society, such as is the case of the invasion and occupation of the Southern Cameroons by the Republic of Cameroon, it has been the tradition of the Christian Church to be on the side of truth.

-          The church is the people; church structures are the people's property; Bishops, Rev. Fathers and Pastors are the people's employees, not owners of the churches and their structures.

-          The Republic of Cameroon is an invader and occupier of the Southern Cameroons. The Republic of Cameroon has no legal authority over the Southern Cameroons; the church in the Southern Cameroons knows this so well that it has even documented it.

-          The Republic of Cameroon with whom we had the misfortune to have had anything to do is evil, cruel and quite inhuman, having inherited from the French and passed it through generations, a culture of barbarism and tyranny; non-respect of people's rights, etc. Mr. Biya especially is a known cultist who has never believed in any other thing but cultism. He has never addressed any of the issues that were raised at the start of this revolution (though we were not even supposed to look up to him). He believed from the beginning and still does, that people will get tired and things will die down and that he will use whatever evil means are available to him (as he is now using church leaders) to frustrate the revolution.

-          The re-colonization and subjugation of Southern Cameroonians has never been and is not an error. It was well conceived, carefully planned and executed all through time to this moment. The Republic of Cameroon hoped to complete everything soon; then we suddenly embarrassed them. 

-          The struggle by Southern Cameroonians is to restore their statehood to which they have unquestionable right. For that purpose the choice of non-violence and the boycott of schools and courts have been adopted. The alternative to this is out-right war.

-          The Southern Cameroons now have a united leadership from whom they take orders and obey.

 Occasionally some church leaders in the Southern Cameroons have told the truth of the situation we find ourselves in but have feared to defend that truth to the end. They have oscillated between resistance and submission. Apparently they are afraid of arrests and possible torture as is the tradition of the Republic of Cameroon. They feel that they are responsible to the government of the Republic of Cameroon. They should not be. They are not citizens of the Republic of Cameroon and their responsibility is to Christ. Without reflecting on who they really are they compromised Christ's sacrifice and done the will of the devil. They are now openly guilty of complicity in the effort by the Republic of Cameroon to perpetually enslave Southern Cameroonians. This kind of apostasy necessitates that they change profession. One person is said to have opined that the church is just playing it role and that nobody expects the schools to re-open. Let it be clear to whoever thinks so and even those who believe that they are only playing their role that the church has no role to sabotage if it must assist the devil to find a hold on God's people. It is a clear invitation to war because we will not allow schools to re-open in September. Suppose schools were to be re-opened (and they will not), then it is truly evil of these renegade priests suggesting that our children move to new classes after a few weeks in one. Very unlike Christ, these men have no feelings about those in dungeons in the Republic of Cameroon.   If you value any structure, do not expose it to the wrath of the people. In the event of anybody daring to subvert the will of the people and open any school, neither priest nor structure will be save. Those who take delight in making provocative announcements from D.O.s, Principals and Priests should take the advice to no longer do it or they become unwitting accomplices and thus the people's targets for reprisals.

 Finally it is worth noting that it will be fully criminal for us to re-open schools with our other children and leaders in jails in a foreign country. Moreover, their release will not re-open schools. It is the game the Republic of Cameroon wants to play but we are not fools. The struggle to free ourselves had nothing to do with imprisonments. We started it before our comrades were kidnapped. They must be freed unconditionally and compensation paid for the harm done to them and their families.


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