North West Chiefs & South West Chiefs.

It is with sadness of heart that I join you to mourn for the premature death of the 2 Fons. i am not surprised about the accident as it was orchestrated from the realm of demon-ism after the secret visit of wicked Paul Bia to the Palace of Fon Angwafor in the night. His trip to Mankon in the night as stated in Whatsapp was for that evil plan to take one or two chiefs from the N.W as a Sacrifice to stop the present happenings in the nation. He later on invited them to Yaounde so as to actualize the plan for the serious sacrifice.
This is what he has done to quelling the situation thru demonism or demonic powers. Any one in S.C who is invited to Yaounde is being invited to be used as a contact point. He has tried in all physical ways to stop the operations of the Anglophones but to no avail as the people are resolute in their decision to exit that unholy union. He will also take 2 souls from South West so as to balance the whole nation's sacrifice expected to be given by him to his demonic master to quell the situation and continue having S.C as his slaves. The matter now is turned to the realm of the spirit for spiritual war-fares from both parties. We are also expected to get to that realm for sustainability or perish.

This is no longer a matter of academics and grammar but now a matter of using spiritual powers that be. The NW Fons had sold their ancestral powers handed to them by their fathers for cheap CPDM monetary gifts that have corrupted and made them now powerless spiritually. They sold their secrecy of power to a man they did not know, by giving him a garment that is not to be worn by a none chief and giving him the title of Fon of Fons; which means he Bia is now above them in the spirit. What a mistake in the side of the Fons. How can a Fon die in an accident-I ask?

Let the churches in the nation of S.C hold very serious night vigils to stop the eminent neutralization of the plan in the spiritual realm. Every matter has its foundation in the realm of the spirit for it to be made manifested in the physical. Let nation wide Prayer vigils be organized by the leaders and Pastors on the ground at home. If you can organize Ghost Towns and achieve results, you can also organize this Prayer call and see what will happen. I am doing my own wherever I am hiding as at now. Take this seriously as Bia has gone Spiritist-demonic and we should go Spiritual-meaning with the Holy Spirit of God and His Angels. The war is not only carnal but now in the spirit-so fight in the spirit too. 2Corint.10:1-5. 

The selected S.Cs PM should engage himself in Prayer by getting himself associated to a good Anointed Preacher in Nigeria. Some one reading this mail should let him contact me for directives in Nigeria as we have one of our own anointed sons based in Calabar-highly Anointed to cover him as our PM. Ekpe does not have power to protect him or any body spiritually but only with empty carnal praises.

Yours Freedom Fighter-not with human weaponry of MK47 but with Spiritual Missiles of God.
Rev. (Papa) Taku-Ayuk Moses Sr. (alias Daniel or DM Tutu of his nation in captivity.

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The Fon of Mbengwi and The Fon of Kai, traditional rulers in Momo, were killed in a deadly road accident somewhere around Yaounde today said a reliable source who sent pictures.
My source also said it is rare for a North-West Fon/Fons to die in road accidents.
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