Dr Rezoh (blade??) Aaron and the other Aaron Nyam Koue
In my village, there is a proverb which goes thus (literally transcribed) "Only the wearer of
the shoes knows where the shoe dey hot 4 yi foot". I feel my pain. You don't feel it for me. The children (our children in Bamenda) have been home now for almost one academic year. Six of those kids in Alamatu and Njimafor consider me their "Father" as their School Fees, Clothes, Pocket Money, "moon-end" money 4 girls, Chop Money even their "Mobile Phones" are sponsored by moi-meme Pah Mishe. If I don't send W/Union, they don't go to school.

Enough about the History & Geography. Let us focus for one moment on Anatomy & Physiology: Okay??? Of those 06 pikin dem, I was just reliably informed on Monday that 03 of dem don carry BELLE....and were hiding it from me. In fact, they had silently contacted one notorious Nurse who owns and operates an illegal clinic in Ntarikon to "Muff the Belle (Abortion)". Now, because of STRIKE, Belle don enter. Dem drink am? Can you tell the readers (for those who pretend not to know) how 15 year pikin fit carry Belle? 
So these our young sistas who presently are not going to school, have been busy (in fact very busy) perfecting their "Anatomical variation, Obstetrical calculus and their Gynecological proclivities. Imagine my shock when I got the "Breaking BELLE News". Common now!!!

2) The last time I checked; you were (and probably still are) a Bonafide resident of Chris Christie's New Jersey with your entire family "Enjoying" in that beautiful State. Have you asked your beautiful children to join the "Fight"? by boycotting New Jersey "Nwahnes"? By the way, have you ever taken them home make smol mosquito pinch dem? No de daso 4 knack mop.

Now let me pick a few lines from your mail:

Dr Rezar-Blade: "SC does not have its Police Forces and Arm Forces (Mobil Wing) restored"
In other words, the Ghosts Towns and Schools Boycott will continue until SC establishes a "Mobile Wing Police and its Armed Forces"? How irrational can some of you get? I hate to be a prophet of doom but you guys don't even have a "Tcha Voum to shoot in Bamendrous Cry-Dies" but you are comfortably residing in America and asking our children in Alamatu Mankon to stay home until YOU (who?) create a "Mobile Wing Police? What??? You must be out of your freaking mind. I am sorry and I don't want to sound rude to a whole "Dokta" but I shuwear to God name Bible, you guys are going to loose some of us with this kind of childish mentality.

Dokta Rezar-blade continued his SC analysis: "Buea is not restored" For crying out loud, What do you mean by Buea is not restored. I must be living in another planet. You must want to bring back Pah Endeley, Pah Lebaga, Nzoh-Ekhah Nghaky, S Burnley, Sir Edmund John Gibbons, Chief Achirimbi II, Fon Fonyonga II, PM Kemcha, Pah Egbe Tabi, AN Jua, Tandeng Muna, Sir Andrew Cohen, Mah Mua Josepha, Mami Foncha etc If that is the Buea you want RESTORED, there you go. They will be there around Bongos Square near "GRA".

You concluded your metaphysical perambulating missive with "LRC is not yet equal to SC": 
So we are now in an equality contest with La Republique? I honestly thought I was the only one who came to this Matango House after gulping a good shot of Hennessey or Chivas BUT I am discovering that many of you are closet "Drinkers (not drunkards)". Who in their right frame of mind will say something as abracadabra and "Arabian Nights = Entertainment" as the above quote if they are not under the influence of "Smol Akembe Federale". 
I realy Taya wuna, for real.

The few issues I raised were not even tangentially, horizontally or even otherwise addressed. I am a pragmatist. You guys will never love Bamenda or Southern Cameroons more than I do or luv my immediate family more than me. Any honest Cameroonian who has been reading from me all these years knows how critical I have been of the ruling oligarchs on the shenanigans they have been pulling on their citizens for more than fifty five years.

I am a student (in my own small way) of Southern Cameroon history. I attended AAC 1 @ Mount Mary in Buea. I was in Bamenda for (the heavily brutalized by forces of law and disorder) AAC II Conclave. I was Organizing Secretary for SDF Center Province in Yaoundé B4 relocating to the USA. I have been a "Passive" member of SCNC (until I discovered certain unpalatable undertakings that forced me to quit for good). I was front and center on the "Dual Nationality Fight" here in Washington DC but killed by CPDM crooks. YES! I have been around...when ever I felt there was something good and worthwhile that would benefit "Our People"...the last one to wit being the "Failed or rather the Botched" Road Safety Campaign which had promised a revolutionary revamping of our entire Road Network with guaranteed sponsorship from donor partners.
Mishe Fon

From: "Aaron Rezeh [cameroon_politics]" 

I see no sense in whats is written bellow as rational to call off the Ghost Towns or call  for students to go back to school.  SC does not have its Police Forces and Arm Forces (Mobil Wing) restored; Buea is not restored, we have not restructured our school system yet, and still all SC held captive are still in prison without a crime - in short LRC has earned distrust.  What are you talking about, LRC is not yet equal to SC.   

Dr. Rezeh T. M.

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017, 6:44:49 AM CDT, 'Tem Martin' via ambasbay <> wrote:

I think Mishe Fon has raised some salient issues that need attention about the resumption of schools.
I think we should at least still have the ghost towns going.

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 1:47, 'Mishe Fon' via ambasbay
<> wrote:
Hello Fellow Southern Cameroonians !!

"We" started a revolution in November 2016 for our emanicipation and enhancement of our rights, self determination and ability to carve our own future without the diktats of foreign entities.
We have fought a gallant fight. We have not WON yet we have not LOST. We have shown to the entire world how resilient we can be when we want to.
Almost one year after (Lawyers, Teachers and the subsequent "Coffin Revolution"), methinks it is time to do some soul searching, introspection and map out strategies for the way forward.

NB: These are my random thoughts and not emanating from any ante-chambers of some political think-tank. So if you must attack my input, then do so without using the tired route of calling all dissenting opinionated characters like moi-meme as "Sell Outs". I am not and never will be. I say it as I see it. Na all dat.

1) Truth be told, Cameroon shall never be the same again in the foreseable future
2) Being an "Anglophone" shall never be used again perjoratively by francophones to disparage people of Southern Cameroons. Southern Cameroonian leaders have emerged who were hitherto unknown in the national scene and boy oh boy...are they fire-brand?
3) Appointment of S/C as eternal "Adjoints" in government of parapublic organizations will no longer be the norm. Meritorious anglophones will occupy prestigious positions in government like Finance, Defense, Secretary General @ the Presidency, Ambassador to the USA, Nigeria, UK.
4) English shall be taught to Anglophone students by Anglophone teachers in the English language.
5) Everyone now accepts that there are two main  distinct cultures that cannot be bastardized by a stroke of the pen (Decrets) or by acrobatic subterfuge or political chicanery that partly led to the present stalemate.
6) Without the advantage of a sophisticated well armed (to the teeth) security forces, Southern Cameroonians have once again proved what resilience can do while standing in harms way.

In that sense, we've succeeded way beyond our expectations. While I understand that certain aspects of our DEMANDS have not been fulfilled (remember that HOPES never Die:
I am Suggesting that we take a deep breath and put an end to the GHOSTs TOWN phenomenon and pave the way for a resumption of schools, come September 2017. And here are my reasons:

A) Allowing our children to go back to school is not a sign of failure, weakness or capitulation but an element in political science described in self defence politicking as "Negotiation Jujitsu Bodoshiming"

Information reaching some of us reveals that a prolonged status quo may make an already deplorable economic chaotic climate more confusing. As a matter of fact, many of our youths have been radicalized, constituting and transforming themselves into dangerous elements of uncertainty. They are now going around (especially in the North West Provinve unleashing a new brand version of urban terrorism) on the population that has borne the bulk of the entire suffering of the S/C peoples. Many of these our desperado youths (through no fault of theirs) may be lured into provocative acts of arson and banditry thereby jeopardizing our already fragile and even non existent security.

We, Southern Cameroonians have to accept our own short-comings. Many of us are greedy self-seeking careerist opportunists, power hungry unconscious despots and even political neophytes. We are the architects of our own demise (Over book, Over sabi and Over Do Me I Do You) This is not a critique. It is reality and I am guilty as charged for the same crimes. It simply means..."We too like Fight; justified or not".

B) Truth be told: Life is gradually returning to normal in many parts of SW Region. Instead of allowing our "Collective Fight" to die a natural death, (with all the repercusions that may reverberate from a few over zealous CPDM talking heads) it is better to call an official "Cease Fire".

C) Calling off the Ghost Towns and Resumption of classes come September 2017 will not stop SC from continuing to request the immediate release of their leaders; the continuous demands of an autonomous, Independent or Federal Southern Cameroons (which ever comes first).

I am hereby officially and for the reasons raised above begging our "LEADERS" of the various SC groups to give a serious thought to my suggestions and LIFT the specter of the debilitating GHOST TOWNS and Schools Closure.
I may be wrong but what is the rationale for (example)"Anglophones of Bamenda extraction" not going to school in Bamenda but their other children attend "Anglophone" schools in Yaounde, Douala or Limbe?
I honestly don't understand. YES, there are so many "Anglophone" schools in Yaounde (Bastos, Etoug-Ebe, Biyem Assi, Melen, Madagascar, Essos, Obilli, Lake Y'de, Etoudi, Titi Garage, Nsam Efoulan, Cite Verte). All these "Anglophone" schools (Private, Religious and Para-government) are functioning 100% without the slightes inkling about the strike in Abakwa.
The curriculum taught in these schools is not the topic of this discussion but rather the fact that there is an observation of a clear cut case of DOUBLE STANDARDS. You can juxtapose this same scenario with our LAWYERS. Na the same thing. I dey tok lie?

Mbang Nfor Mishe Fon
Matrufon of Alamatu, Njuh Mankung
Southern Cameroonian in very good standing

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