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It again comes down to one word – Commitment


Haven't heard of any Pvt sector organisation that doesn't give extra responsibilities to its employees outside the main job function ! Maybe in Govt sector and unionized work-force, probably it is true ….


In this era of multi-tasking and multi-skilling, if a Teacher wants to remain confined to ONLY Teaching, he/she is likely to get pushed out of the opportunity-market sooner or later ….. A GM (equivalent of HoD/Prof) will execute myriad number of tasks to be in control and remain relevant to the organisation ….. well, choice is that of individual's J





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Now a days teachers are kept busy in all admin and so-called-social activities other than teaching in class and labs.

No employee of an organization is engaged in any assignments for other than what is appointed...

Why teachers only......?

There should be different section for election collection.surveys.......etc


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Hitting the Nail on its Head …… if the Teacher/Trainer is not committed, expecting any miracle from the students is akin to wishing for Good Luck on seeing a falling star  …..  


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"The quality of one's educational system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers according to a 2007 study on the world' top performing school systems." 

Now we know the answer. We knew it before as well. So , why the delay? What is holding us back? --


Prof. Bholanath Dutta


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