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Is our nationality 'Anglophone'?

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The United Tribes of Southern Cameroons( UTSC) 

Acknowledge that we are A TRIBAL DYNASTY like Great Britain  and then pursue tribalism in our midst as a virtue and as an opportunity rather than as a weakness and a threat. The reality is, we are a people of too many tribes and we need to explore this self-evident truth in the light of ethnicity.

It is Ok to follow your tribe's person or regional person enthusiastically patriotically.After all politics is all about fighting for your self-interests and why should you not support your tribal person even if he is being lifted up to represent you? So in order to avoid playing games as if we aren't; tribalistic,  we should celebrate tribalism and seek to foster a healthy tribal climate to enhance our sense of selfhood and collective progress.

However, with respect to the over all big picture how is tribalism impacting the anglophone quest for

1. Independence
2. 10 States Federation
3. Restoration of the two-states Federation?

In a highly charged multi-ethnic society like Cameroon, ethnicity cannot be ignored as a factor under consideration when a people are seeking the best way to determine their destiny. It requires us to consider a representative system of government that will honor both our tribal and regional status along which lines, geopolitics is created as a pragmatic force for the commongood. 

So, to me all Southern Cameroonians should fall back into their tribes and regions as dictated by nature.STOP LIVING IN DENIAL. These tribes and regions should then select their representatives at tribal and regional levels and forward their names.GO BACK AND MEET YOUR TRIBAL AUTHORITIES AND WORK WITH THEM AND NOT AGAINST THEM.

These representative should then constitute a Southern Cameroons Governing Council or Congress. Then they will elected their leaders based On a specific set of criteria and leadership structure to embody the three arms of government under separation of powers.

The unification of Southern Cameroonians cannot be downplayed upon no matter the type of system we choose to be part of under French Cameroon.

Anglophones will never unite outside of the reality of their ethnicity and tribes. It is important to support your tribe and tribe's people at the forefront of governance and public policy because it will ease the enforcement of good governance and the rule of law in terms delivering to the people whom they represent. Instead of fighting and tearing each other apart because of tribal or regional differences, why not embrace the obvious and explore a method that will foster cooperation and collaboration amongst tribes and regions by entrusting the power into the hands of the people to select their representatives and send forward to the Southern Cameroons Governing Council? These representatives should meet as adults and choose their own leaders. Then in that way  the rest of the people will follow their lead.

What will all the cursing on social media accomplish? Many of you are confused and lost. You need help. There arrogance and lack of the spirit of unity will only deepen your plight as self-inflicted.

If anglophones were handed even 10 states Federation today, you won't be able to handle it because you are damn divided and vindictive at worst. So, either you are doing the right thing or you stop misleading the young people back in the homeland who look up to you in the diaspora. All you are offering to them is confusion and arrogance. Try something else, the United Tribes of Southern Cameroons( UTSC).

I used this same formula/model of Unification and United Cameroonians in Minnesota for my 9 years there. I left there with all types of bruises and name callings , attacks, insults and slander perpetrated by FOLKS working for the authorities in Cameroon. Even though they fought against me, the vision and ideas were implemented. Today Cameroonians in Minnesota are flourishing as a UNITED Community.


Jonathan Awasom

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