Govt Claims It Has Arrested Leader of Southern ‘Cameroon Liberation Movement’ With Arms, Explosives


Govt Claims It Has Arrested Leader of Southern 'Cameroon Liberation Movement'


The Minister of Communication has said that security forces have arrested five persons including the leader of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement


In a press briefing August 9 2017 in Yaounde, Issa Tchiroma claimed the main suspect he presented as Mr Dasi Alfred has confessed that he was planning to carry out attacks on security forces.


Social media critics and analysts are accusing the government of making a repeat of what it allegedlydid in 1996-1997- planting of military devices and regalia in Kumbo, in order to clamp down on Southern Cameroons National Council activists. Government never denied such allegations.


For full declaration from communication Minister on the arrest of suspects with explosives follow the link…

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