GUEST-Dr Akwanga-“I am Extremist for Freedom, Mr Biya is an Extremist for Annexation, Domination” PART II

GUEST-Dr Akwanga-"I am Extremist for Freedom, Mr Biya is an Extremist for Annexation, Domination" PART II


In Part II of Dr Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga's interview, he states that Southern Cameroonians have been talking to themselves thinking that they have been speaking to authorities of the Republic of Cameroon. "For 56 years one side has been fighting us and has also tied our hands. They have removed all our teeth and we are thinking that they should remove our nostrils before we start reacting. No, it can't happen that way," he argues.  


He speaks passionately about the struggle and adds that the duration for Southern Cameroons to attain its independence would be determined by how much people invest in the struggle as individuals and as a people.


The freedom fighter, who considers himself a "Sango Na Muna" in the struggle, contends that he is an extremist for freedom and alleges that President Paul Biya is an extremist for domination and annexation and the Communication Minister Issa Tchiroma is an extremist for lies telling.


To the human rights activist and author, Southern Cameroonian women and girls should consider themselves partners in the struggle and not just supporters. Dr Akwanga also speaks extensively about his 'going to the war front' and that the right of SC to defend themselves should not be seen from the perspective of going to war.


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