Firstly I wish to thank all who have given thought to or contributed
to this debate. It is from diverse views and ideas that we make
informed decisions in national interest.

I sincerely think that before any Southern Cameroonian (Ambazonian),
or whoever, even the UN, suggest either a federation or confederacy,
we, patriotic Southern Cameroonians should first know with verifiable
evidence if we, Southern Cameroonians, suffer from an incurable
colonial disease called "dependency complex" which being incurable, we
are condemned to be led by the nose by others. Are the Dr. Munzus,
Atanga Njis, Peter Mafany Musonges, telling us that we cannot stand on
our own feet and be masters of our own destiny?

This issue of referendum reminds me of an interview I granted to a
Yaoundé based Francophone Newspaper, La Dépeche Economie, Nov. 2003,
in which I made two categorical statements. I told the Journalist, a)
Even if President Paul Biya were to approach the SCNC to propose 15
names for a new 30-member cabinet, I will tell him too little too
late. B) If there is a referendum for Southern Cameroonians to vote
whether to restore their independent state distinct from la Republique
du Cameroun or to remain in this so-called union of slave and master,
even the Prime Minister, Mr Peter Mafany Musonge, Fon Angwafor, Chief
Samuel Endeley, not to talk of Ni John Fru Ndi, among others, will
vote for Southern Cameroons independence.

His front page caption was "Southern Cameroons Referendum: Prime
Minister Peter Mafany Musonge, Fon Agwafor, will vote for Southern
Cameroons Independence". True to type the security was placed on red
alert and copies of the newspaper were seized from newspaper stands
and the fellow had to go underground to escape arrest.

What clear message do we draw from the reaction of the Yaoundé regime?
As no slave master trusts the slave, so no slave has confidence in the
master: the relationship is that of cat and the mouse. The Yaoundé
regime knows very well that no Southern Cameroonian believes in the
system. They know it is a question of time for the international
inherited boundary to be restored. Since October 1961 when the so
called federal union came into being, why is it that no Southern
Cameroonian has ever occupied any of the policy sensitive ministries,
e.g, Defense, Territorial Administration, Finance, Foreign Affairs,
Education or been Director General of any of the big and lucrative
state corporations?
If in 2003 Yaoundé establishment agreed with me that in a referendum,
Southern Cameroonians, even those in cabinet and members of the RDPC
Central Committee will vote for Southern Cameroons independence, is it
normal that a Southern Cameroonian in 2017, after the barbaric
slaughter of our people, abductions, maiming and other atrocities,
could stand to recommend federation when the masses are irrevocably
calling for restoration of Southern Cameroons sovereign statehood? Is
it a matter of being a good House Negro?

The indefensible whimsical excuse UK gave to impose "independence by
joining" was that Southern Cameroons was small and economically
nonviable to stand on our own as a sovereign nation. As much as this
was in total violation of UN Charter, the UDHR, and UN Resolution 1514
of Dec. 14, 1960, we know very well that even J. N. Foncha pleaded
that independence be granted first and issue of forming a federation
be left to the respective governments of the independent nations to

By the time UK was putting up this unsubstantiated argument,
Luxembourg, far smaller spatially and demographically and with less
economic potential, had been independent since end of WW11. After the
Southern Cameroons experience of international colonial conspiracy
against the will of the people in exercising their inherent right to
external self-determination free of coercion and manipulation from
outside we note that this imposition by a European power has never
been applied again. This explains why countries with less than 300,
000 people became independent. Israel, a military power in the Middle
East, is smaller in land mass than present day North West.

From the British DD, HM Government make us to understand that
"independence by joining" meant that by midnight of Oct.1st 1961
Southern Cameroons would attain independence and at same time unite
with Cameroun Republique in a federation thus the federation would be
made up of two sovereign states equal in status. But the failure to
implement UNGA Resolution 1608 of April 21, 1961 facilitated la
Republique's hidden agenda of annexation and assimilation.
Irrefutably, after 56 years it is firmly established that the UN
experiment forced down our leaders has failed beyond repairs. But hope
is not lost and most not be for national self-determination is a
permanent right and nation building an ongoing process. That is why we
are fighting for our legal and political rights. UK has a redemptive
role to play, namely, to place the Southern Cameroons Question of
right to national sovereignty on the agenda of the UNGA for formal
debate and admission of its former Trust territory based on the will
of the people and in conformity with the UN Charter into membership of
the World Body as a sovereign nation. We have a duty to make it real
and the international community will affirm.

But if the UN for benefit of doubts, decides to conduct a referendum
as was the case in Namibia, Eritrea, East Timor, the UN will have to
do exactly what it did in those places; namely,
a) Take over administration and vote a budget with a clear programme
and time frame within which elections should be conducted and
government of the people installed.
b) Appoint a UN Administrator
c) Establish a UN Peace Keeping Force,
d) Conduct the referendum from registration, supervision to
proclamation of results, etc.

To me the choice in the referendum should be between an Independent
Southern Cameroons, or Southern Cameroons remaining as two provinces
of la Republique du Cameroun. You cannot again be talking of a
federation, confederacy or whatever for UN experiment of a common
polity made up of two UN former trust territories which differ
historically, politically, culturally, linguistically, economically,
legally, and territoriality has become a calamity threatening world
peace consequent upon annexation and colonial occupation of Southern
Cameroons by la Republique du Cameroun which the likes of Dr. Munzu
want maintained in perpetuity.

The time frame, within the transitional period, who qualifies to vote
in the referendum, and the right question shall all be agreed upon
with the Southern Cameroonian people. While we must insist to make
sure that our supreme interest is respected as our inherent identity,
we must understand that we cannot reject a referendum proposed by the
UN as a means of solving the political impasse or else we misrepresent
the popular support restoration of sovereign statehood enjoys among
our people at home and the diaspora. But our people must be mobilised
and sufficiently educated on the fact that the Referendum is vote for

Those of us who have been working and giving our people necessary
political education on the ground through existing structures, have
been preparing our people for this. This explains why the SCNC has
been Yaoundé regime's number one enemy accused of every imaginable
evil and currently of preparing to lead an army from Nigeria to invade
Cameroon, (The Sun newspaper, No.0446, of July 24, 2017). Having
failed over the years to link it with terrorism, Boko Haram, Yaoundé
which has been terrorising our people, accuses SCNC of planned armed
rebellion. It does not see its aggression, armed robbery, annexation
and imposition of neo-apartheid as a crime against the people of
Southern Cameroons and threat to world peace under international law.
Under international law, the SCNC commits no crime in mobilising
Southern Cameroonians to fight in self-defense. Self-determination,
the highest principle of international law, and self-defense are two
sides of the same coin of human freedom and dignity at the individual
and people or national level. No imperial army has ever won a war
against a politically conscious and determined people hungry for
freedom as Southern Cameroonians are today. Time has come for Yaoundé
to read the hand writing on the wall and pack its bags and leave
before it is too late. We will not surrender! We will not retreat!

As democrats and believers in the rule of law, we must all agree that
referendum is a democratic instrument which the UN has used over the
years and in different parts of the world to solve political conflicts
between a contiguous aggressor nation and a victim of external
aggression. Wherever the UN has stepped in and done the right thing by
respecting the will of the oppressed, the subjugated gained their
freedom and sovereign independence.


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