Bro. Atemkeng, Denis;
You nailed it.
The Southern Cameroonians who are beneficiaries of La Republic can stay where they are if they are happy but should not resdtrict Douthern Cameroonians from moving forward after this elaborate truth and history.
If they are happy where they are, stay there and call yourself La Republic because of your crumbs. Why disturb or insult other Southern Cameroonians who know the truth? Our Some of our Southern Cameroonians who have positions with La Republic are blind and ignorant of this history because of their jobs- Self-Centered and greed. However, France and La Republic knows the truth. That is why La Republic only sends Southern Cameroonian brothers abroad and at home to convince their people for a mind change. La Republic is fighting or sending troops, detaining Southern Cameroonians, disconnecting the Internet when Students need to do research because same "BLACK LEGS" Southern Cameroonians tell La Republic to do so.
These guys will be judged by God. And La Republic itself looks at them as TRAITORS to their own Southern Cameroonians brothers and sisters struggling. Left to La Republic alone, they might not want to fight because they understand International Law.
So, the enemy in the house is, Southern Cameroonians advising La Republic ill about its people due to ignorance, greed, self-centeredness.
Can they just be quiet and stay with the current La Republic if they so love it, let Southern Cameroon move on?
They do not consi der themselves Southern Csmeroonians. So be it. Enjoy the position and crumbs from the masters table and stay quiet while those Southern Cameroonians following International Law should move on. Even France knows the truth why not you?

-'-Concerned Citizen.

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Dear All,

Find attached education specifically meant for citizens of Republique du Cameroun, to help start preparing their minds for the inevitable.
It is vital that they move from emotional talk to rational talk and behaviour about the Southern Cameroons question.
I believe that only in this way can we diffuse the animosity and blind behaviour that we are likely to see, when the moment comes.


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