My Brother Papa Fred Perry Tanyinoh Kemah, I salute you!! I think the world revolution is a quantitative term that does not necessarily include armaments as you have pointed out!! I am a student of history and in that capacity I am aware that the March on Rome by Benito Mussolini popularly referred to as the Fascist revolution did not involve armaments. 
What is currently going on in Southern Cameroons is a revolution!! To be more accurate, it is the Peoples Revolution. I thank you for your modest support towards the people of my country during this difficult times. 


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Journalist Soter,

Good Evening Sir.

The ongoing undertakings in the Cameroons and within the Southern Cameroons is yet to be a revolution.

The political terminology and ideology is that of a STRUGGLE.  A word I introduced and keen to defend .

A revolution entails multifactorial elements including armaments.

We are STRUGGLING given that our actions are limited and often confined to intellectualism and rudimentary tactics.

The STRUGGLE continues.

With Thanks

Papa Fred Perry Tanyinoh Kemah.

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I have so much respect for Minister Mengot!! The Southern Cameroons revolution has taken everybody by surprise Minister Mengot included. No one can see clearly now!! Lets wait until the dust settles!!  Mengot represents the future and hope for our country. During a private conversation I had with the big patron in Geneva, he spoke of Mengot with passion describing him as an intelligent man. Lets keep monitoring the revolution and making our modest contributions mindful of the fact that Lord Justice Ayah deserves better and Dr. Barrister Agbor Nkongho needs his freedom. 

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Mr Tanyi,
I will advise that you limit your criticism of Minister Victor Mengot to his policies and politics. Please leave the much venerated A D Mengot out of this. Yes, Victor Mengot is Dr. A D Mengot's nephew but that has nothing to do with Victor's politics.  It should be noted that Dr. AD Mengot lived above politics and politicking that is why in our Manyuland, he is a colossus.
Tabong Kima

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