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Selling your vehicle/car has never been easy. Join a community of car dealers and buyers. Advertise your vehicle on this network where people who visit the website are either looking for or selling vehicles. A perfect place to advertise your vehicle(s) for FREE.
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logon to the site with your username and password
once you are logged in, you will see a menu on the left side with the heading SELLER MENU
Click on the Post New Vehicle Link
Add the vehicle details on the page that follows (you can upload your pictures of vehicle to make it stand-out)
Click on the Save & List button (you are done)
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If you still can't find the car you are looking for on the cars already available, click on the following link http://www.car.co.zw/request-vehicle.html and enter your details and those of the vehicle you are looking for and the CAR Team will help you by sending the details to all the registered car dealers on the website.
For further information please send an email to info@car.co.zw
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Have you heard about iNews ?
iNews Zimbabwe is proud to launch a unique news portal which gathers all Zimbabwean NEWS HEADLINES. The portal is built with the latest technology and comes with an exquisite mobile friendly interface.
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Cain Ndhlovu <cain.ndhlovu@gmail.com>: Aug 11 05:51PM +0200

Real estate is the most important investment in life therefore, it is
imperative for me as a PROPERTY CONSULTANT that I share news, insights and
analysis with friends about this topic. Therefore, please click on link
below and know more
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