Re: Fw: The Southern Cameroons is not an “English-Speaking Minority Community in Cameroun”

Dear Mathias,
Thank you for making me a happy recipient of your mail with attached documents on Southern Cameroons. When I received the mail I wondered if it was addressed to me as an individual or to the readership on the different forums to which you belong. I am not sure of the answer and this is why my reply is directed to you the author alone. This to me is therefore a confidential discussion between us, not meant for wider publicity. From the documents, I realize that you certainly have plenty of connections with Retired Ambassador Fossung. He is a very resourceful person in this struggle but for unexplained reasons has remained on the sidelines since the present uprisings. I have tried to contact by mail and phone from the last contact information I have on him  but so far without success. If you know a way one can reach him , I will be very happy to touch base with.
  The documents you included are very important and should be used as far as possible to argue our case. Please keep the documents but let me know whether you are in contact with Ambassador Fossung. You can always call me if you can. My phone is 001 8148528001

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Your Excellency,

Good day Sir. It is quite a long time now we have not talked or heard from each other. I believe all is well.
Please kindly read the attached and advise on what to do before  I could circulate. Your very vivid reply is my sincere wish.

Thank you.

Ayuk Mathias Eno

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