I am very sorry about inserting the name of the former government delegate of Kumba Municipality. The present delegate is a certain Victor Nkelle Ngoh. It was brought to my attention by another truth seeking "citizen reporter" who, like me, believes in public accountability and integrity via honest and accurate reporting or presentation of facts. I stand corrected BUT the facts are the facts and the story minus massa Nnoko Mbele remains the same.
Another reaction from a K-Town CPDM "Depute" practically blasted me for not knowing the heck what I was talking about and probably had never set foot in Kumba which according to him is the "Cleanest city in Cameroon". He then posted this picture of "Fiango Down Town" with ultra modern dual carriage highways...ending with "Where is the "dotty" you wrote in your abracadabra write up? By the way, I hope bad luck no catch you to visit Kumba one day. We will teach you a lesson to shut that ya over-sabi mouth once and for all"
Living the Nnoko Mbele Dream: Kumba Council gains 40 per cent investment in 2015

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How "Anglophones" are the very architects of their own demise.
 A certain guy known as Nnoko Mbelle doubles as President Biya's appointed Government Delegate of Kumba Municipality and the CPDM  Meme (what ever title he arrogates to himself) in plain defiance of the "elected" Mayor of that locality. Because of the rivalry of these dual positions and these two political Kumba "heavy weights", this is what Kumba township looks like on a daily basis. The town is so dangerously and criminally filthy that it has become a health hazard by WHO standards. Now because of the hue and cry of the "poor but very hard working citizens" the so-called government delegate has called on "FRANCE" to bail him out. That is why Nnoko Mbelle's Kumba Municipality has just signed an "accord de partenariat" with Y'de based French conglomerate HYSACAM (Hygiene et Salubrite du Cameroun) muff dotty 4 K-Town. I must remind all and sundry that we are in 2017 and if we cannot find a local entrepreneur to "Muff Dotty", then we still have a very long way to go. By the way, can someone explain the difference between a Government Delegate and a Mayor?

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